Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flowers of Spring Past

Hey everyone!
I haven't had much time to post the camping photos from the mountains as it will take much time to put the html together for those since I don't upload directly haha so I decided while I am at work (right now) that I would post these lovely flowers up here for viewing pleasures. I had forgotten about these photos that I had edited back in the Spring but it was the time that my grandmother fell ill and I kind of forgot about these photos. She is still alive and resides at home because she didn't want to be at a hospital away from her home and family for when the aneurysm does take her :( She has been with us though far longer then I assuming the doctors predicted. It is surprising with an aneurysm that is on your heart the size of a softball they say. 
So  there is quite a bit going on in my life currently as well.
School is overwhelming and I have seamed to be losing a lot of sleep here and there. I'm glad that I manegt to get to work this morning at 9:20 and not after 10 the other day. I'm starting to get a few more things to do at my internship which is a good thing because I need some of the extra cash. I had been spending to much in gas recently because of going out of town and in the mountains the past few weekends and it's a little over $50 to fill my new cars tank because it's 18 gallons. So I am trying to draw in extra cash from other places as well like online and from helping at other places. OH, if you like shopping online at Amazon (come everybody does) then go over to the right panel and click on Amazon there to get to stuff you want to buy. What ever you buy through my link (don't worry the prices are the same!) I get a little from amazon. I recently added the Pre-Black Friday Sales Store Ad over there for all the great deals at Amazon that leads up to Black Friday! Pretty nifty, just added it the other day. Also, for my other sites that I had I recently sent an email and waiting to get approved from a site that I do business a lot for and will soon be an affiliate site for them. That will also help me. The trip to Japan isn't going to be a cheap one and it might turn out to be $4,000 possibly...
One thing that has annoyed me recently (and have sent emails to verify) is that one of the classes that I need to graduate in the Spring isn't on the class list for the Spring. If this is right then I wont be able to graduate on time because of one lousy class that isn't offered!!!!! HOW ANNOYING IS THAT! I Don't want to come back in the Fall to take one class and graduate in December of 2012! I tried really hard to get to this point and managed to pull out of Community College on time with a degree and if I did this it would have been pretty awesome! Also, I plan on after my trip to settle into a job, wait I take that back..a Career where I am full time and I finally start my living in the "Real World"...It is kind hard to do that if I am a student and still studying. Anyways, I am waiting for the responding email to see if this is legit (GOD hope NOT).
This past Tuesday was a nice day and after some hours in my internship I went to Maymont again and took some photos. I didn't have much time since I got there at 3:30PM and the gates are closed at 5PM but I always enjoy my time there. Walking around in the gardens I have decided once school has calmed down a bit and I can put some free time aside besides my "me" free time I will probably turn in an application and work as a volunteer there maybe 1 or 2 weekends a month (more depending on what is going on!). I respect the work that people put into the park and it is because of them that the park remains to be free to the public and the animals are taken care of. Plus it will get more experience for gardening (that is what I want to volunteer for der) and put that as well as volunteer hours for my community on to applications. Even if I get a job and I still have free time on mornings or afternoons I would still love to volunteer. I love working out in the open and perhaps this might lead to a job in the future that I would love. OH right, the photos I still need to upload to my computer and edit so expect those some time after the camping photos haha. I may go there after this post :P
OK with out further ramblings from my fast typing fingers I will go ahead and let you guys enjoy the photos below. Please click the photos if you want a larger view!!!
Also I waited so long I forgot the names of the flowers >_>, if I want to be in horticulture I need to get some names memorized XD

I hope you enjoy the flowers! Flowers are delicate piece of the plant and some types only last a season or shorter. They are something that should be admired and respected as they have a short life but bring such inspiration to those that dare place their eyes upon them. They inspire these photos out of me and inspire art out of others. For many just the beauty of something this colorful and wonderful that sprouts up from mother nature into our humanized, mechanized and harsh world that is now is something that is breathtaking.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The treacherous dandelion!!!!

Photobucket Photobucket

These Flowers are great to look at and smell great, the purple and white bring out a great flower indeed!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

This flower below has to be the one with the most golden look to it in our yard all Summer. It is such a great color to gaze at and brings astounding brilliance to the yard/deck/patio or where you may place it at.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

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