Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sry guys about not posting recently

Hey everyone!
I went to Carter Mountain today and I'll try to get those photos up. I want to post about some feelings that I have. I haven't been posting much on any my blogs or been doing stuff that I use to enjoy really. I feel like I have lost motivation and the life in my typing and photography and such. Heck even my modeling and blogging. I feel like not many care right now what I feel or what not and I guess if people don't have a feeling of inspiration what what I post and stuff or what I have to say I kinda lose my own inspiration that I give to myself. I'm not sure, I have been thinking a lot and there are things that I need to mul over.
Other then that I had a great day with my family. I guess family is more important then a lot of other things and I really appreciated being with them today and having a great day picking apples. I really don't care for apples but it is something that I enjoy to do. Maybe one day I can go to a peach orchard, that I WOULD LOVE.
I got some Apple cider and will be drinking that. They have fantastic Apple cider donuts, they are so freaking good. It was extremely crowded today up there and full of people. The mountains are looking gorgeous and I can;t wait to go back next week. I will probably be going alone or with my father. I will probably be going with dad and then the following weekend again for a day or perhaps I will camp. The mountains today is what inspired me for photography, I love them and something out there in Appalachia country make my heart beat and drives me forward.
I hope I straighten out some thoughts tat are zig-zagging all over my minds vast thoughts. I can't wait to get back into what I have been doing the past weeks.
I have been getting involved with filming stuff for my blogs, writing, going over my files for the blog, blogging, studying my own personal things like trees and the Japanese language but I'm in a pot hole. I will get myself out one way or another. I will start to dive back into this.
I can see blogging as something that will drive me forward for a long time. Hehe, I just had a picture of me at 70 blogging on some high tech computer.
Man, it feels like 10pm but it isn't even 8 yet.
I think I might go get some cider, I'll let you guys know how it goes.

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