Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow + Halloween= interesting...

Hey everybody!
I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while but last weekend actually like 2 weekends ago I had gone camping with my dad up in the Shenandoah Park where I heard this past weekend it had snowed abut 9 inches. There was quite a snow storm that has covered the east coast knocking out power and causing lots of problems in the odd month of October. Below is the camp that was nice to have. I thought it was cold when we went but there would be over a half a foot of snow this past Saturday night. Well I still had a great weekend but I will soon be putting up some photos from that weekend. As soon as I can.
Also, today is Halloween over in the States. I know Halloween is canceled in some towns that got blacked out up in the North East from the snow. I think it might rain a tad bit in Richmond later. I have class tonight so I wont be handing out candy to kids and that is even if they walk the way back to our house in the woods. Well More to come everyone!


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