Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can't sleep...

So it is about 1am nearly and I still can't sleep. Grr.
I haven't posted recently because I have been so busy. Today was crammed with stuff to do and I studied some tonight but I still didn't get much to to do some of the things I wanted to do. I was playing around with the idea of video for this blog and maybe video for the other ones as well but I barley have time to type up a paragraph or so how will I sit down film ten minutes or less, edit it and post it? Yeah, though stuff not to mention getting the lighting in my room just right when I was trying to do a video review was a pain. I was using a bamboo poll as a camera tripod (more like uni-pod leaning on my desk).
I am ready for the weekend where I think I can get some things in to do for the blog or maybe paint and relax again. I hope it wont be rainy as I want to do outside stuff. My car is going to get repaired on Saturday and I should be good to go for a while. Oh, speaking of car someone backed into me today in the garage but lucky me no scratch or dent in the car. So lucky indeed. I think I might get a hair cut Saturday as well and I think the apple picking is back on for Saturday with everyone. I can't wait to go to the mountains.
The following weekend I was going to go camping but that is scrapped which I was going to guess that it would. I will go the following weekend with my dad and just not with my girl friend. I am not sure if she doesn't like camping. Funny story, her brother that was in 6th grade last year had a girl friend and broke up with her because she didn't like camping. That guy has a strong heart. Camping will probably be a family thing or a friend thing in the future but now I know for sure since it has to be the 3rd 4th time I tried. I think she is going to an apple festival instead with her family but that is all good. I just sometimes she figures out things you know before I get riled up but I know she isn't a planner so that is the way it is.
I feel that my life is soon going to have a changing tied coming. I don't know what is going to be at the for front but something is going to get me going with it. Not sure but I guess the time in a persons life is just at the point of finishing up college it is always a turning point. Looking for jobs, my bad, looking for a career and prospecting what lies ahead of ones life. Something that should matter though is what happens now, the present. The most important time is the now, what you experience.
I don't know what lies ahead, experiences, wonder and adventure for me probably. I get shivers of excitement and I feel that the continuous wheel of life, Samara, is yet inviting.
I hope to share photos soon with everyone, till next blog post.

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