Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Been a busy boy

Hey everyone!
So upcoming is going to be that post with Carter Mountains Apple Orchard. I have been pretty busy with my free time because when I have free time I either been eating, shower, driving to school, sleep or something else. Recently I have been using the extra time to planning my schedule for my trip next year and what I am doing and such. I can now safely say that my Japan trip is planned and now just need to finalize place to stay and transportation.
So that is exciting for me and now I have that out of the way and I am now probably or at least attempt get into blogging again. I haven;t posted anything on my others blogs recently from all the busyness. I would have this pass weekend but I was busy then too. I did however take photos at the orchard and edit them, just need to make a nice little post as well.
This weekend I am going to an Apple Festival and then staying at my girl friends uncles house and the following day will be in the mountains taking more photos. So more photos are going to come but that means I probably wont get those edited over the weekend.
At work yesterday at my internship, I was actually busy the entire time and I meant to blog but I was busy with actual work and in between I would put together my schedule for the trip. Now that I have that major part out of the way I am sure that I can get back to blogging.
It is rainy today and kinda depressing :(

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