Monday, September 12, 2011

New computer!!

So my new computer just came in  early. It is a Toshiba, first time I got a computer other then a Gateway haha. The size and the power of it should suffice for a long time. The keyboard will have to take some getting use to though. I am already having a problem typing as is but it will come easier as time goes on I hope. This has a more full keyboard. I have a numeric key pad on the right side which will help for typing numbers or using alt codes which I have been using a lot recently for the blog and other tasks.
I hope to get the rest of the Maymont photos up soon. I still have to transfer all the data to this computer that was on my old one. I will take a while and will be annoying to do so but hey its got be done indeed.
I'm watching Man Vs. Wild right now off of Netflix. Using up as much of the free trial that I have left before I have to cancel it. I got about 7-8 days left on it unfortunately.
It distracts me from school work and blog work though haha.
I will probably be updating again soon but right now I have to update my other blogs now with out the need of my old files.
So I will post again in a day or so!

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