Thursday, September 29, 2011

It has been wet and soggy...

Hey everyone!
It's me again. If you live in the Richmond area then you have noticed that it has been pretty wet recently am I right?
My woods out front and back has a boat load of mushrooms growing from it all but the sun the past day and today has started to dry them out. The squirrels love them though. Unlike us (humans), squirrels are immune to the poisons and toxins inside mushrooms so that is why you see them running up trees with mushrooms their size. My father told me because they wanted to get high as a kite, and that also could be very true.
Midna is out side and earlier on she was stalking about eight deer that were out front. They were the same ones we saw earlier on in the summer with white spots. All the spots are pretty much gone now. The thing that I am afraid of is that my father and I were some what close to them earlier on today and they didn't really mind. I can expect they wont be afraid to brave streets, roads and other human yards but they can only be so good till one of them gets hit or shot. There are not really much of them left but I has happy to see that they "herd" that is around here managed to get six fawns and they have been doing fine. I see them at least three times a week eating mine or my fathers plants outside, but mostly it is the acorns these days (we have a ton of them in the yard).
Anyways, Midna was "sneaking up" on them even though they knew that she was there and she walked right in between like five of them until one decided to run at her and she jumped and ran for it and almost got ran over by the fawn. Dad laughed and said that's what you get. I'm sure she is still somewhere out there following or stalking something. Who knows, she is a weird cat.
Fall is approaching, well technically it is Fall now but I am talking about that fall look and the weather and the smell. Yeah the smell of Fall. Love that smell.
I have really started to crack down on personal studies that are not needed for school actually. I cut back on T.V. and I know study Japanese and plants to better myself in the work environment and well the Japanese is for myself and I guess can be useful for when I go to Japan or continuing my blogging. I actually have now memorized Hiragana language and starting Katakana characters. Once I have finished one thing or the other I will move on to something else. This is out side of my school work so I place my school work ahead of this and then when I have free time I peruse these studies. I will probably have a post about this again soon as I love to talk about it.
IF YOU HAVE NOTICED, the blog is looking a little different. Blogger came out with a new interface recently for bloggers (I actually still use to old interface and editor) but I decided to try one of the new themes. This is called the Magazine look and I am able to have a lot of posts on the same page rather then continuous scrolling to reach the next post if I posted tons of photos. Also, the main page instead of ending and having to click "older posts" it will continuously scroll instead of constantly jumping to a new page and waiting for it to load. Also this theme lets you preview the article and click it to reach the entire thing. I have always wanted this rather then showing the entire article right off the bat. It gives a nicer experiences to catch up on the posts if you haven't been around in a while rather then like I said above scrolling way down or click older posts. The only problem that I have with this theme so far, and I believe they are working on it, is to customize it. I did manage to put the old background up behind but of course that is the only thing up that is mine or that I use. I do not have that right side panel on this one and can use links and what not. I still can make pages that still can be found at the top of the page. Also, the very first tab on the left side says magazine and if you click that it can change the look of the blog (they are the other themes that are new). I picked the magazine look because of the preview  rather then showing an entire article.
ANYWAYS, I'd like feed back if you like it like THIS or WANT THE OLD LOOK BACK.
I saved my last blog theme and can always change it back, I just want to see if you want it this way now or the other way. I personally like it like this besides the fact not having all of my custom applications on the side. I might just go back to the old and wait till they have those options available. I figure I ask first!
Hmm, I think that is all I want to say for now...I probably will get back to my studies!

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