Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back to work for a bit

Hey everyone!
I'm currently at my internship, some where that I haven't been in a solid 2 weeks. Wow that s bad, but since I am the intern I get what ever needs extra help on and most of the actual employees have had a light work load so there really isn't anything for them to past off on me at the moment. Well actually, I did just get something to retype took five minutes. Besides that I have my usual responsibilities which I finished a while ago. IT is so hard to come in here and actually remain busy till a leave. I probably made 4 posts at my figure blog and 4 post over on at my Hobby blog at the least since I have been here. Also checking my ebay account because I had a few bids on cels from the animation of Proco Rosso. They ended a few minutes ago and even though I was winning some of them and losing some no one met the reserve price. We are all that cheap but it was worth it because I love the film and the cels were when Proco was fighting in mid air against Donald Curtis. It is hard to get cels from Ghibli films because they are so hard to find, yes they are one of a kind, and usually Ghibli or Miyazakai in general incineration the general cels except for a few after the animation is completed. Yes it is sad because it is artwork on the best animation that I know.
Anyways, I acquistion something that I am excited for that is related to Animation and I got the shipping notification on it this morning. 
Anyhow, I am going to see Contagion tonight, I hope it is as good as it is shown and plus I love end-of-world flicks.
I am excited this weekend because I am going to go see my girl friend! It has been a while that I actually get to spend some time with her. I am not sure what we are going to do, probably nothing just relax. I really don't care as long as I don't have to drive around there because I hate the people who drive down there. CRAZY.
I was typing up my notes just a moment ago and it took 30 minuets to get up 5 pages and I have about 20 pages left to type so I decided not to type them and just read what I have wrote down.
I haven't gotten out and really taken any photos recently because I have been busy or it has been rainy. I will probably get some photos of stuff in my room and maybe talk about that once I straighten myself out hehe.
I really hope that I can get to the mountains soon, really do.
Umm, I think I am still hungry, I only brought one hot pocket to eat and that felt like a snack so I might heat up my instant Mac and cheese in a minute.
Oh, I canceled my Netflix because it was better off being off in my room. Now I can try to concentrate more and not just stream after stream movies and  shows.
I am going to start racking down about an hour a day on my Japanese. I already review my alphabet at school during free time but I need to start learning words and speaking rather then just reading characters.
I need to start my planning, I am really slacking on the planning part.
I can't really think of anything significant other then what I have said so I will keep you guys updated!

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