Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hey everyone! It has been a little while since I did a post. I know I have yet put up the photos from the Japanese Garden but I will swear that I will do it some time this weekend!
So this post marks the 400th post that I have made on this blog! In the past 19.5 months that this blog has been operational, I have averaged about 20.5 posts a month. I know that I have not been posting that much this year as last but I think that was because I made more post about news and other things like that and I have moved more to in not complete of my life, my interests and of course photos and of my travels. I rather it be this way because I don't want to be a news blog. You can google the news haha, but for me you have to come here.
Any who, I still have photos to post for everyone that I have and after I work today doing some landscaping I will perhaps start on that post. Unless I decide to read my book like I know I should, it depends
I am planning on taking a lot of fall photos this year. I will be traveling to the mountains, with girl friend or not, and take a lot of shots. I'm excited to be waking up in some chilly mountain morning weather. I want that camp fire smell and that nice relax feeling of nature and the sound of a campground at night rather then a TV. I'm telling you, if you have not camped, please do for the experience and the essence of nature. I don't care if you don't want a tent, you can go and sleep in a camper but at least spend the time outside if your camping and soak it in. Gosh I can't wait!
If no one can go in my family or not even my friends I will at the least, LEAST, go for a day by myself. This is important everyone, if you plan on going into nature by yourself, whether it be in the mountains, a random island in the middle of some water, kayaking on a river etc, please and I really mean DO IT. Tell some one where you are going and when and an estimate of when you will be coming back. It helps if you have a cell phone as well but if you are going to a place where there is not service or you don't want to get it wet you GOTTA tell someone where you are going. Nature is complete unpredictable and that is what makes in nature and it is natural. Things can happen that you never plan for. A Snake bite, tripping and going over a cliff and causing sever bone breaking. If you are a child you better be telling your parents where you are going at all times. The movie 127 hours I believe, I just watched the other weekend shows a classic example of not telling anyone where you are. Do it and if something happens it will save your life.
I will be taking a lot of photos again at maymont and other parks in the area as the temperature changes and the leaves change their cloaks to better suit the climate.
I think I might type more to hear and there as an update as what is going on and also I might start posting about places that I am looking into traveling to when I go to Japan. It is a trip that is still a go, and I am very excited for it. I am thinking about not working on a farm or a place that practices organic type of living. I was going to do that because they feed you and put you up for living there as you work 6 hours a day. I think I might just do my own traveling staying some some family's for a week in certain places in the country including Tokyo and Kyoto. I am going to look into maybe staying somewhere that is more rural, to get that farming feeling still and not all the city clutter, and perhaps near a mountain where I can enjoy a hike or a relaxing spot on the beach or river gorge. You never know what I might go with but I know that I at least better start plotting where I will go so I can start getting into the details of the trip and booking places and printing maps off so I know here to go and what restaurants I wanna eat at. There are already places that I want to eat at and also shop. Whether I actually shop or not I am not sure because I believe that I will have to ship everything I get over there back. I think I might get a tea cup when I am over there. that has been a thing that I have been looking for. Some thing that might be hand made or just look hand made. Nothing like a tea cup found in any store over here in America but something that is special. In that small corner shop that has to right shade of color on it and tucked behind other things. A cup that has a character and something that attracts me. I have been wanting something like that. Heck I might find a set over there and might grab that as a gift to myself when I can move out after the trip. (Who knows when I can move out after this trip since this isn't a cheap trip lol).
Anyways, all things that you can look forward for the next 100 posts and beyond. I am sure there will me a magical post on the 2nd anniversary of this blog as well.
Also I have been thinking about starting a picture of the day and a description about it, something that I have been thinking about and I think I tried it before but I was overwhelmed with other things. I think if I keep it short and stuff it will be great. I'll probably make a link at the top of the side panel that goes to the most recent  shot of the day. If I do it o start it, it wont be right away but I will be working on the idea.
Well, it is about time for my to get ready and head out to make some extra money to help pay for gas and the new car. I don't mind landscaping, I really don't. I would love to work at a gardens, I really would.
Have a great rest of the weekend.

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