Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back from Otakon 2012, and My car is dying!

Hey everyone, it has been a while since I updated my blog period really. Since last month!
So my car has been dying recently and I have started to look online for ideas on a new car but I am pretty sure that I am going to go with my parents Mazda 6. It is fairly new (2007) and has great mileage and looks nice. Also I will get it cheaper!
I drove to work this morning and my car started to make a new noise and also it started to smell like a burning smell so I turned the vent off so it wouldn't blow into the cab. I could still smell it since my windows were down (because I have no more A/C).
Today is the first time I drove over to my internship since last Wednesday, it has been a while and there really sin't that much work to be done here.
My girl friend has been out of town for a few days so I have been chilling at home and going to work every might at my retail job. Yesterday I was able to do some painting on the models outside because the humidity level was low (first time in months it felt like).
Oh man, I haven't even talked about Otakon this year yet! I was going on and on about how much fun I would have this year and I have yet to really talk about it. Unforunatly I never took many pictures at all (I found like 5 photos from Otakon on my card). I carried my camera around the entire time but never took photos at all. I am disappointed in myself really as I wanted to take TONS of photographs. Oh well >_>
My girl friend had a great time as I had. She enjoyed her cosplay (Zero Suit Samus) and many people want her photo.
We both went to a ton of panels (like 5ish or so) and we kept pretty busy the whole time.
On Friday we went to the Figure panel at 9am and that was very interesting and fun to go to. I would go to it next year for sure (If I go to Otakon rather then Japan....idk). We also attended Voice Actors After Dark on Friday night. On Saturday we attended in the morning Crazy Japanese Commercials, if was pretty funny. I liked some of them and showed some friends when I got back. Later that day Joe the Peacock (nick name) had a panel on the Effects that the Animation AKIRA had on the United States and the industry. He also brought some cells with him (he has the largest private collection of Akira cells in the world) and displayed them in the Artist Alley Hall. He has the "Art of Akira" exhibit at the Toonsueam in Penn state and I probably talked about him at some point on here. I had emailed him or his co-fellow about coming to Otakon and hosting a panel or bring some of his exhibit with him and I am so glad that he could come. I follow his blog and I want to give a shout out to you if you read mine at any point. Thanks for coming, really great panel and very informative! After that panel my girl friend and I attended the Gundam Panel which was a disappointment and stuff. I wont go to it next year, seen it once never again type of panel. After that I was excited for the Bandai After Dark panel because I heard lots of good things about it but I accidently stepped on my girl friends sandals and it broke so we left it so we swapped shoes and she wanted to go to the dance instead. She went with her friends and I left hoping to make it to the Bandai panel but by then it was over so I went to play video games in the game room and watched break dancing at the fountain room in the center. Only disappointment on the trip was missing that panel :(
On Sunday we attended the Crazy Japanese Music Video panel at 9am and it was pretty funny. I am hooked on the videos and songs lol and also attended the No-sew cosplay panels about cosplaying without the need to sewing anything.
I purchased a few things. I ended up with lots of artwork and had to frame it all and I still need to frame on last one. I got Majora's Mask artwork, Okami artwork, Ghibli Artwork and Samurai Champloo Artwork. Looks all great! As for the dealers room I got three models, two figures, Hobby Japan magazine with model with it and I got a free poster with Johnny Young Bosh signature on it. It was a good raking in of things. Free t-shirt as well.
I enjoyed it and I made a few new friends that were in our hotel room. Other then that it was a good con, it felt like it flew by though way to fast and I still can't believe that it is over already. It is depressing as I might not be going next year at all and it is sad to think about it like that. IT got to be over 31,000 people this year. Oh did I mention that I loved the Blu-fin booth this year, it was fantastic!
I talked about this last month and how my grandmother wasn't doing to well. She was able to go home a while ago and she has been there since. People in the family and from the home go there and help her out since my grandfather in his wheel chair can't really help as much and need full time assistance. I can't say she is getting better because what she has is slowly killing her and my dad is having a tough time right now even if he isn't showing or saying it. He hasn't been acting like he usually does and it is rare to see him down or crying but he has in the past few weeks.
Will keep you guys updated more often. I got school starting around the corner, oh noes!
I think I will do a photo post soon too!


  1. I went on an Otakon before. If I'm not mistaken, it was last 2010. We saw a lot of cosplayers back there, but the girls that caught my attention the most were a pink Cammy and FF10's Rikku. (By the way, what's the matter with your car?)

  2. It finally died, it wouldn't start anymore and the transmission had tons of problems already so I had to give it up to the junk yard and get a new one


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