Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5.8 Earthquake in Virginia

So I was at work sitting at my desk looking up some information about traveling to Japan and such since I am planning on going in May. All of a sudden the building started to shake around and at first I thought it was a low plane that came by but it continued. I heard my co worker on the other side of the room ask, "Hey, is this an earth quake?" "Yep," I replied and we stood up and looked around as the building shook.
It lasted longer then I thought it would and was a pretty steady shake too.
Of course cell service had stopped so I couldn't get anyone on it.
It was a 5.8 officially out in Mineral which is out in Louisa County Virgina. That is where we went to go get our Christmas Tree for Christmas. It is pretty close to North Anna Power Plant, which is nuclear but it's fail-safe system auto-shuts it down when an event like this occurs.
1:51pm is when it struck and it was reported to have been felt from North Carolina all the way to Massachusetts.
There has not been an Earth quake quite this large since the late 1800s in Virginia. Luckily it was not a surface quake or this would have been a lot stronger and caused more damage for people in the area and other states. D.C. reported damage and that is 100 miles away.
So, pretty interesting event today but no way was it as large as other Earth Quakes have been this year through out our planet.
I am awaiting for after shocks if they are coming.
We also have a Hurricane that is hitting South Eastern portion of the U.S. (Florida) early this week and will reach up to Virginia by Saturday. I wonder how much rain will come with that and if it will be loaded with a whopping load of precipitation and if the wind will be high. By the time that it reaches Virginia, if it does, it probably will be a Category 1 or might drop to a tropical storm rather then the Hurricane that it is now.
Now I know that 2012 is right around the corner, is this a preview? a warning?
I am not sure, this is a natural part of our planet and will happen. Earth Quakes happen way to often, more then 100 happen everyday on our planet, obviously not quite as large as ours today but it is part of our earth system.
So, does anyone want to share their experience? Please comment below because I would love to hear, I mean read! :)

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