Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eastern Box Turtle

Hey everyone! I wanted to talk about the Eastern Box Turtle!
This fellow in the photos was out side a few days ago crawling around. Recently they have been showing up quite a lot!. Just yesterday did I see two mating by my deck on the side yard. Anyways....
So, the Eastern Box Turtle is also refereed to as the Common Box Turtle since it is the most common out of the five box turtles that there are. The scientific name is, Terrapene carolina carolina. This species is one of only two box turtles that can be found in the Untied States.


They have a high domed shell or carapace, and it is hinged so they can get totally closure from the outside world. The younger the turtle, usually the more vibrant the colors are on their skin and shell. Males usually can grow out to seven inches and the females can reach eight inches in length. In the wild, these turtles can live to over 80 years but in captivity can be around for 30-50 years. If the shell is injured or what not, it has the ability to regenerate and reform.

Usually found in Eastern United States, hence it's name. It is the State Reptile of North Carolina and is the only land turtle in that state. They are omnivorousness and eat a variety of things from worms to mushrooms.


This guy is a male as the males have a red colored iris and the females have a brown colored iris. They have sharp horned beaks/noses and their feet are webbed at the base. These turtles continue to grow their scutes/scales on their skin. This is different from water turtles since they shed their scales. The Eastern Box Turtle will grow them and create rings over time, kinda like a tree does over time.

Anyways, they are really cool to see. They move slowly along unless pushed or what not. They are often hit on the road for crossing the street and are to short to be noticed. Human interaction has greatly effected their habitats all over as like any animal species. They are really easy recognizable and are harmless. I mean I wouldn't try to get it to bite you by placing your finger on its mouth but I have pet their heads many of times. I know they are out currently around where I live, I hope you see one!!

source wikipedia :P, click here

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