Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quick D.C. Trip

Hey everyone!
I am getting a post out earlier then I expected but I am in my Meteorology class currently!
This past Saturday I went to D.C. with my girl friend to visit the zoo really quick and walk around.
Oh, and we REALLY walked around that day.
Anyways, I didn't take hardly any photos at the Zoo or in general, so I am posting some ones that I liked for you guys.
Oh also, you can click the images for a larger view I believe!

So it was a pretty busy day down there on Saturday. There was a concert on Friday in front of the Capital Building and also there was a festival a block over that was happening as I took this photo. I just learned that they now charge you for the Cherry Blossom festival that occurs earlier in the year. That is upsetting that they started to charge and my friend asked if they were donating the money to Japan because of the Earthquake and they told him no, not at all....

By the time we finished at the Zoo and got over to the National Mall it was like 4:30pm in which most of the Museums were closing at 5 so it was not much a point to go in to do a bag check and take it to the coat room to leave while you look around. This image below is the West Wing of the Art gallery I believe. D.C. buildings have unique architectural, where a lot of the buildings are built like Roman empire designs. Of course a lot of the buildings down there have been there for hundreds of years too. The Native American Museum has an interesting design and I always love looking at the Smithsonian Castle. 


My girl friend never had been to a few of the places around the National Mall and I figured why not the Sculpture Garden since it was near China Town Metro Station. She enjoyed the Gardens and we sat at the middle o the gardens at the fountain where a ton of people were sitting around with their feet n cooling off. It was a hot day and we had been walking so it was relaxing. I think the majority of the people sitting around the fountain were locals.


A lot of the sculptures are really cool to look at, but some make you think "really?"
Art is art and it is a form of expression, I really liked this statue of the rabbit sitting on the rock thinking...


Below is where we got off at for the Zoo. If you get off at the Woodley Park-Zoo station then you go up the stairs and turn left and walk up the hill to reach the Zoo entrance. Usually all you need to do is to follow the crowd of people heading in that general direction lol. Yes, the Zoo is free and there are a ton of animals to view. It is recommended visit if you have never been to the Zoo.


This was taken when we were waiting to the Metro to get back to the National Mall to walk around.


I wanted to throw this in. This Gorilla was sitting there on the ground with his arms crossed looking like a BOSS!


Thanks for taking a look, promise to get more photos out later this weekend!

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