Friday, June 3, 2011

Panel Roster - Otakon 2011!

Events: Panels Roster 2011
We are pleased to announce the following panels which have been selected for Otakon 2011!
Please note that scheduling for Otakon 2011 is not yet complete. As such, there is always the slight possibility that a panel or two may be bumped or wait listed at the last minute due to time and space constraints. No such determinations have been made at this time and any panelist whose panel is bumped or wait listed will be notified by the Panels Department ASAP.
So, without further ado...
+2 Comedy
ABJD 411 - An introduction to Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls
Affording Lolita
Akuma Recruitment Camp: A D.Gray-Man Discussion
Alchemy 101: What it takes to be a real life Alchemist
AMV 101: A Stepping Stone
ANImakeup: Professional Make-Up Techniques for Cosplay Characters
Anime 101
Anime Amazons
Anime and Manga Studies: A New Decade
Anime Family Feud
Anime Name That Tune
Anime Opening/Closing Themes
Anime Parliament (R)
Anime Press Your Luck
Anime, Manga, and Education
Anime: Myths & Legends
Anime's Craziest Deaths
Anime's Pirate Legacy
Arch Nemesisisis....isis
Ask A Nation
Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos
Bad Anime, Bad!!
Becoming a True Pokemon Master - An Introduction to Competitive PKMN Training and Breeding
Best Manga You Never Read
Beyond the Tentacle: Japanese Fetishes
Birth of a Generation: Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon
Capcom Fanpanel
Collaborating a Comic
Cosplay on a Shoestring
Crossdressing for Girls
Cyborgs, Cybernetics and Metal Men
Death Note Mafia
Deculture! A Macross Panel
Dubs that Time Forgot
Evangelion, WTF?
Exploring Tokyo
Fafiction: From Mary Sue to Shakespeare
Fandom & Criticism: The Art of Active Viewing
Fight or Flee: Comparing the worlds of Resident Evil and Silent Hill
Fukushima Dai-ichi
Get Yourself to Japan 101: Vacas to Visas
Giant Monsters A-Go-Go
Greatest Action Scenes of Asian Cinema Part 2
Gundam: What Makes It Great
Gyaru Culture Revealed: Destorying the Myths
Harajuku and Visual Kei Culture: Fact vs Myth
Hentai Worth Watching
How to Make an Fight Stick
How Troublesome, that Naruto Fanpanel Returns
Intro to Learning Japanese for Otaku
Investigating Detective Anime
Japanese and Korean Dramas: An introduction for anime fans
Japanese Figures, Toys and Collecting
Journey through the Clamp Universe
J-Pop for Dummies
Jrock Revolution
Ladies’ Choice: a guide to hentai
Let's Play Ero-ge!
Masquerade Magic
Mega Man: Made in Japan
Moe moe what?
Mythbusters: Anime Edition
No-Sew Cosplay
OC ReMix: Making Sweet, Sweet Love to Video Game Music Since 1999
OMG!..WTF Did I Just Watch?
Otaku and the Grim Reaper
Para-Para 101 With Tama-chan
Rumiko Takahashi: From Tomobiki to Furinkan
Ryokucha: Japanese Green Tea
Samurai versus Ninja
Square Enix Owns Your Soul
Steampunk 101
Survival Japanese and Beyond
Tales of Otakonia
The Abridged Panel
The Best Epic Japanese Commercials You've Never Seen!
The Fine Print on the Contract: The Themes, Philosophies, and Birth of a Legacy in Puella Magi Madoka Magica
The power of pocket gaming: The power is in your pants
The Slightly Perverted Genius of Go Nagai
The Truth of the Strawberry Milk, a Gintama Panel
The Weirdest Games You've Never Played
The Yaoi-ing Game
TNL - League of Dirty Old Man
Toei Tokusatsu, 35 Sentai & 40 Years of Kamen Rider
Touhou Project
Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show
Uncle Yo's Stand-Up Comedy
Uncle Yo's Survival Guide to Anime Conventions
Underrated Mecha Anime (That were released in the North America!)
Unusual Manga Genres
When the Walls Start Closing In: Hikikomori and Ijime

Info came from Otakon, click here

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