Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden Dead - Justice you say?

The biggest news in a while since the Earthquake in Japan is Osama bin Laden's death.
It has been nearly ten years since the attack of the world trade center.
He was killed in a raid in Pakistan by American troops and they collected his remains and as of now has given him a burial out in the sea.

Only in American, will Millions of people celebrate a persons death...
There are so many people here in the United States that crowded streets to cheer in joy at his death. Some people got closure from his death from the attacks ten years ago some didn't.
Even Obama, our president, said that justice was served.
Is justice always served when we kill someone and have mass celebrations of his death?
Yes, Osama was the leader of Al Quida, the large terrorist group, that planned the attacks back on September 11th, 2001 and killed 1,000's.
But does killing justify for a killer?
I think that we really need a time of peace and more cooperation in the World where we do NOT celebrate the death of any individual.

This is a move towards deterring world terrorism, but the thing is, even with his death, Al Quida is still there and it is a large group. With the death of Osama, his evil will spread and there will be more to come. With our killing over there, we spread tension and spread more evil.
Now that he is dead, will our "War on Terror" continue or will Obama pull the forces out of the Middle East and bring them home?
I have a feeling no because we have been over there for a long time and this country has many other interests over there and will probably not back out.
Plus terrorism will always be there, as the groups will not back down because they will always have an agenda. Killing spreads more killing. Evil spreads evil. Without total peace, nothing good will come out of it.
We need to, not as a country, but as the planet promote peace so where we don't always have to worry about an attack.
I'm also afraid that this will never happen because of our human nature. As humans we want to spread and there will always be that.

Anyways, vengeance shouldn't be celebrated. Vengeance and revenge is evil in itself and we shouldn't have killed him for that. Capture would have been a lot better.
"Justice has been done," Obama said at his press release. Of course revenge isn't justice, but that is what I believe.

Well, that is all I have to say about that.

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