Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost posts!!!

Over at the Hobby blog, I was posting images and such from a major hobby event that is going on this weekend. Last night followed by this morning, Blogger was having problems doing maintenance and in the end posts and changes that I made to the blog which were quite a few were reverted and the posts were deleted. Promised that they would be back soon as soon as editing was operational (like now) that they would return.
Well they have not returned and those posts are the hardest to redo too....
They also brought the blog the most views in one day.
Anyways trying to recover all of the changes and post back as much as I can before I had off to work again tonight!!

Oh and the Flying Squirrels won the baseball game last night!

Oh and I was supposed to post Chapter 3 yesterday but I am not sure about the Chapter 3 that I have written...I may re-write it again. It isn't that exciting but maybe I should just post it regardless...

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