Friday, May 27, 2011

I wished my DVD burner worked

So my laptop has been having problems again and I need to re format it again and do a fresh install of Windows 7 again. Problem is I am trying to burn the ISO with my laptop burner that doesn't really work anymore.....It connects and disconnects, it hasn't worked like normal since I dropped it on that side of the laptop.
So now I can't burn a disc but also that means I can not boot Windows 7 from my DVD drive either.
I can have a virtual dive but I am not sure if I can boot from my virtual drive or not.
Last time this has happened, I had to take my Hard drive out of my laptop and swap it with my friends laptop (got the exact same laptop) and boot it using his laptop (using my hard drive).
Once I loaded Windows 7 I just uninstalled the hard drive and placed it back into my laptop and it worked......for a while....
Don't know why he hasn't had any trouble.

Most troublesome

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