Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bacon, egg, onion, cheese English muffin sandwich plus hash browns!

So I made a wonderful breakfast for myself since my sister was still asleep and parents were working hard.
I had made a nice favorite but not much preformed.
Two Bacon-egg-cheese-onion English Muffin with a side of some hash-browns.

-2 eggs
-2 slices of cheese (any kind, I used American this time but Swiss is really good too!)
-Few slices of onion (if you want)
-2 English Muffins (Bagels are a great substitute for this as well)
-1 potato or some frozen hash-browns (i was lazy so I had some pre-made frozen ones that you can buy)
-At least 2 slices of bacon, more if you want some on the side

I start with the hash browns since they take the longest to cook, make sure you use vegetable oil or such for cooking on the pan. Cook till the sides are golden brown. Just like below.

We had some of this thick bacon in the fridge. I decided that I was hungry and cook up 4 slices.
Make sure you cook them well enough so parts are not raw.
From above to below, looks tasty!

While I was cooking the bacon I popped the English Muffin's into the toaster to heat them up. Place them on the plate next to the already made hash browns and put my cheese and onions on top waiting for the egg!

I love fired eggs, especially over hard so when you bit into it it wont cause a mess with the yoke pouring out of the side :P

Placed the eggs on top the muffin's and I also broke up some of the bacon and placed it on top the eggs. Everything ready to be eaten on my plate. It doesn't take that long unless you are cutting the potato yourself. It is worth it, taste great and I love it.
Goes great with a glass of OJ :)

Never did a recipe, but I really wouldn't call this one haha. Just wanted to share a lovely breakfast I had the other morning!
I loved it and my kitty looked like she wanted my bacon.

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