Friday, May 27, 2011

I wished my DVD burner worked

So my laptop has been having problems again and I need to re format it again and do a fresh install of Windows 7 again. Problem is I am trying to burn the ISO with my laptop burner that doesn't really work anymore.....It connects and disconnects, it hasn't worked like normal since I dropped it on that side of the laptop.
So now I can't burn a disc but also that means I can not boot Windows 7 from my DVD drive either.
I can have a virtual dive but I am not sure if I can boot from my virtual drive or not.
Last time this has happened, I had to take my Hard drive out of my laptop and swap it with my friends laptop (got the exact same laptop) and boot it using his laptop (using my hard drive).
Once I loaded Windows 7 I just uninstalled the hard drive and placed it back into my laptop and it worked......for a while....
Don't know why he hasn't had any trouble.

Most troublesome

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Had computer problem but all is good now!

My Windows 7 was being weird and I backed all the files up because it looked like I had to reformat the hard drive and re-insert the OS, but after I restarted it came back to normal!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Roland Kelts -Otakon 2011 Guest!

Roland Kelts is a half-Japanese American writer, editor and lecturer who divides his time between New York and Tokyo. He is the author of Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture has Invaded the USand the forthcoming novel, Access. He has presented on contemporary Japanese culture worldwide and has taught at numerous universities in Japan and the US, including New York University and the University of Tokyo. His fiction and nonfiction appear in such publications as Zoetrope: All Story, Psychology Today, Playboy, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue Japan, Adbusters magazine, The Millions, The Japan Times, Animation Magazine, Bookforum, and The Village Voice. He is the Editor in Chief of the Anime Masterpieces screening and discussion program, the commentator for National Public Radio's series,"Pacific Rim Diary", and the author of a weekly column for The Daily Yomiuri newspaper. His latest project is the English edition of the Japanese literary culture magazine, Monkey Business, and his blog is:

This info is from the Otakon web page. He is a writer and has produced work on Japanese Pop culture and its invasion into America of course.
I'll keep you up to date of more new guests.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hayao Miyazaki Makes Ramen at Studio Ghibli

This guy is so cool

Anyone like ferns?

Out taking some photos the other day for fun. By the way to the question, I love ferns.

This is the creek that I have down the hill in the woods. Tons of memories down there.

There are a ton of ferns in the woods surrounding the house. I have noticed at least 5 different kinds.

These ferns below are the biggest period down in the woods and it is the only spot that they inhabit. If I took one rachis (the main stem that has the fonds) and measured it, I would say it is 4.5 feet long giver or take a few inches.

This is what makes the woods smell so good right now. Honey Suckle. You like it, do you suck on the nectar?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chapte 3 - Freeze

Chapter three of "Who am I?" is up on Wattpad titled "Freeze"

It is over due as I meant to put them up weekly but that was supposed to by Thursday but I wasn't satisfied with the chapter I wrote so I wrote another one. I will be working hard on the 4th now!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost posts!!!

Over at the Hobby blog, I was posting images and such from a major hobby event that is going on this weekend. Last night followed by this morning, Blogger was having problems doing maintenance and in the end posts and changes that I made to the blog which were quite a few were reverted and the posts were deleted. Promised that they would be back soon as soon as editing was operational (like now) that they would return.
Well they have not returned and those posts are the hardest to redo too....
They also brought the blog the most views in one day.
Anyways trying to recover all of the changes and post back as much as I can before I had off to work again tonight!!

Oh and the Flying Squirrels won the baseball game last night!

Oh and I was supposed to post Chapter 3 yesterday but I am not sure about the Chapter 3 that I have written...I may re-write it again. It isn't that exciting but maybe I should just post it regardless...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides extended clip

Bacon, egg, onion, cheese English muffin sandwich plus hash browns!

So I made a wonderful breakfast for myself since my sister was still asleep and parents were working hard.
I had made a nice favorite but not much preformed.
Two Bacon-egg-cheese-onion English Muffin with a side of some hash-browns.

-2 eggs
-2 slices of cheese (any kind, I used American this time but Swiss is really good too!)
-Few slices of onion (if you want)
-2 English Muffins (Bagels are a great substitute for this as well)
-1 potato or some frozen hash-browns (i was lazy so I had some pre-made frozen ones that you can buy)
-At least 2 slices of bacon, more if you want some on the side

I start with the hash browns since they take the longest to cook, make sure you use vegetable oil or such for cooking on the pan. Cook till the sides are golden brown. Just like below.

We had some of this thick bacon in the fridge. I decided that I was hungry and cook up 4 slices.
Make sure you cook them well enough so parts are not raw.
From above to below, looks tasty!

While I was cooking the bacon I popped the English Muffin's into the toaster to heat them up. Place them on the plate next to the already made hash browns and put my cheese and onions on top waiting for the egg!

I love fired eggs, especially over hard so when you bit into it it wont cause a mess with the yoke pouring out of the side :P

Placed the eggs on top the muffin's and I also broke up some of the bacon and placed it on top the eggs. Everything ready to be eaten on my plate. It doesn't take that long unless you are cutting the potato yourself. It is worth it, taste great and I love it.
Goes great with a glass of OJ :)

Never did a recipe, but I really wouldn't call this one haha. Just wanted to share a lovely breakfast I had the other morning!
I loved it and my kitty looked like she wanted my bacon.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Caladesi Island State Park: the Mangrove Forest

So I am finally getting around to more of the Spring break photos. This was at Caladesi Island State Park. I posted photos from the beach which is on the gulf side of the Island and on the other side where you arrive at is a mangrove forest. When we first got to the Island this is what I wanted to do the most and so I went in followed by sis and mother. We spent 3 hours out while we only had a total of 4 on the island.
Here is the link to the Island's web page at the

Can see the Island below in Google maps how the left side is beach and the opposite is mangroves

Anyways I will go on with the Photos, remember this is the other side of the #1 beach in the United States!
Oh, and click on the photographs for a larger view!

I do love the color of the Kayak's, makes it easier to spot my mother and sis if they get lost, although they were so loud anyone could hear them.

They were right behind me hitting everything in sight. They really haven't kayaked that much before other then down at the Florida Key's but that was in way open water not a 3-12 foot channel with trees on both sides.

It was a warm day, but underneath the shade of the mangroves, if felt really nice. 

I was busy taking a ton of photos and while I sat still taking shots, they passed me.

I think the tide was going out as we were going deeper in the forest. The roots complemented the libs shooting to the sky. It was like opposites. One in love with the sun, the other in love with the water.

I was still trialling behind them but it was annoying still because they were loud and scaring off the wildlife that I was trying to see. 

Found them!

There were a lot of narrow channels shooting off the main trail.

New ones sprouting to the clouds above

Emerging from the forest!

The trail brings you out to the main water and you can either decide to loop back to where we start for a short trip but I wanted to do the entire thing!

The Black mangrove roots  are the ones that are sticking out of the water like that.

This was really interesting, the way the light was hitting the trees it caused this white appearance on the branches and the roots. The reflection on the water made it more awesome.

Things are getting narrow :)

A Water Turkey (Anhiga), was swimming on top and underneath the surface of the water trying to find fish. It swam under our Kayak and it was to quick for me to get it's mugshot!

Mother and sister didn't notice these, but I was like "Something is moving on that tree over there" They froze, scared. "It's little crabs!" There were a few on a few trees that we came across where they were climbing up and relaxing out of the water on the trees.

More Black mangroves

Some land! There was this random bit of land on our trip with a larger tree on it followed by palms on the ground and some tall ones. 

We now are out of the trails and have to paddle back on the outside of the forest in the open water which isn't as fun and it looks like it will take forever to reach your destination. There were many birds that were on the branches of the trees watching the open water for more fish to eat

Well I hope you enjoyed the photos, I still recommend that if you are in the Tampa area on Florida, go to Caladesi Island! It was ranked the #1 beach in America twice! You have to pay to enter at Honeymoon island, then it is $12 more to catch the Ferry that goes to Caladesi Island. The boat leaves every half an hour and starts at 10 I think. The kayak rental is more. Just plan accordingly as you have only 4 hours over at Caladesi Island if you take the Ferry. If you took your own boat or swam over, I think you still have to pay a small fee to be there but at least your time isn't limited!
I had a lot more photographs of the interior of the Mangroves but it was mostly stock as I was just taking them like crazy and I narrowed it down to what you see here!

Who am I? - Chapter 2 posted!

Click above for the link to Chapter Two of "Who am I?"
Chapter two title is called "Nerve Racking"

Anyways, I wrote it a few days ago and got it up on there today. Enjoy the read, unless you didn't like #2 >_>

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sun Set at Spring Break

This is the first Sunset that we watched that week down at Clear Water. It was on the Gulf obviously but still look pretty. Problem was that there were also clouds on the horizon that the sun had tucked behind. We never got to see the sun actually on the water that evening. It was still warm out but after the sun dropped and the wind was still there it got chilly out.
This was the first time that I had taken a picture of a sunset over water. It was a great experience. I wonder if one day I will watch it set on the ocean.

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