Monday, April 25, 2011


So I am starting to write again and this time it is a new story. Kinda based on a character design that I came up a long time ago (6 years idk) and this time it is a new plot and story that I hope that can intrigue readers. I will probably post the story on Wattpad, also as a heads up I added the thing widget or whatever it's called on the right side of the blog that links to my profile (Samshio is the name I use there, makes it easier for all haha).
Anyways, I am currently writing it right now and only got one page done in 20 minutes but that is also because I am still trying to think of exactly how all things came down to this. The entire plot and such. Once I get the plot down, I will make it up as I write. I hope once that I get the first chapter up which will be like 3-7 pages or something I am going to crank out a chapter a week I hope.
This is another thing I just want ot do for fun and because I like to write or I would have never made this blog in the first place.
Mind you, if I happen not to get a chapter out a certain week, it is summer pretty much. I will also be blogging like crazy on all 4 blogs, taking 7 credits at school, two/three jobs, girl friend will be here all the time, it's summer therefor going places, and what ever else I might do. I make myself busy but I am happy so it counts haha.
Anyways, everyone have a great Easter for those who celebrate it?
It was a beautiful day as is today in Richmond although the temperature is getting high again. Father came home and checked the thermostat and noticed that inside it got to 78 degrees so we finally closed the windows and turned the AC on in the house. Feels a lot better. It is 88 degrees outside currently, well actually I don't know about now but before I left home to come back to school it was. I think the forecast says that Wed-Fri has rain or maybe through Saturday so that means I can't do any spray painting... Today was my chance at that but I was with my girlfriend before she had to go.

Anyone following The Event? Watching the new episode tonight? I am, if I get home in time.

Well seya!

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