Monday, April 4, 2011

Went to Maymont Yesterday!

Hey everyone, I wanted to make a quick post before I drive off for class.
I went to Maymont yesterday down in Richmond with my girl friend since it was such a nice day. I actually took a TON less photos then I normally do but the ones that I posted are pretty much all the ones that I did take plus some stock photos. There were a ton of people down there and that made me turn off from taking tons of pictures because there was almost a guarantee that there was going to be a someone in the background of the shot or on the side :P
Anyways, I feel bad for not posting any photos recently and have not even gotten out my Belle Isle shots from weeks ago and I need to finish up my Spring Break posts too!

Anyways, enjoy the photos and the nice weather today (if in Richmond area :)

this tree was stunning when light was pour on it from the sky. The flowers had a mix of pink and white and looked grand on the bank of the pond. Lots of people were around it taking photos and I couldn't get close and there were people in it :(
The tree that you see with the red buds on the other side of that stone bridge is a Japanese Maple and it looks FANtastic in the fall with its gorgeous colors that take over it entirely
this pedal landed in the water and set up a perfect shot and I took (like 4 times) it was wonderful. Just wish a Koi fish was passing under it right as I took it though!

My girl friend liked this one because it produced two different colors (yellow and red) so it is like two-faced :P

have a great day everyone!

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