Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Walking around out side

Recently, like last week, I walked around the house and took a few photos before the sun had fallen behind the trees and out of site. It is mostly of plants.
Also more news, I am going to get out more of the Spring Break Photos, long over due lol. Also I started another blog, specifically for Otaku cultural things. So I will talk about news in the Anime world and manga and conventions and also cosplay. More will come of it as I have literally opened it up yesterday and only have one post and started to set it up. It's Samshio Otaku (go figure) so you can find it at samshiootaku.blogspot.com

Well one with the plants, enjoy! Oh an click on them for a larger view as well!

We have a lot of Azaleas, most of them my father had planted when they moved in or at least 20 years ago. Their colors range from 5 White, 5 Pink, a 4 violet purple look and 6 red.

We have a Bleeding heart and it looks awesome when it blooms, I wish the sun was more out but by the time I got to it a cloud was covering the Sun or it fell behind the hills of the woods.
Anyways, it is called a bleeding heart because the blossoms hang from the stem and open up and a white or pink colored bloom breaks through the heart shaped flower. So you get a bleeding heart. Great for those shaded gardens.

The Red Azaleas were the last to bloom of the Azaleas that I have noticed. This one is small because I got it for $4 at Home Depot and I placed it in a pot and I hope to bring it with me to where I move. At the time it was the only one that wasn't bloomed at the store but now it is finishing up.

Some of our pinks by the shed.

The dog wood blossoming off the trees are about just peaking now or just passing the peaking point and they look lovely in the city of Richmond. All of the ones we have, have been grown in the woods so it is rather hard to get to the blossoms, rather the ones in the city hang low since there are not other taller trees competing for light :)

Man, these things are FULL of pollen and I am pretty sure all that green pollen people see laying around or collecting on there cars are from this thing. Anyways, I took a really close up shot for you guys to get a better look.

Down in the woods where I call the "bottom", there is a lot of running Ceder and it generally stays humid and moist down there. I'd practically call it a wetland as it is sometimes and has the plants to prove it. Well some wood down there had some fungus growing on it. Lots of lichen grow on trees down there as well.

Some Red Oak leaves punching out to grab those rays of sun.

Now not only in the 'bottom' but all along the creek out back, we have ferns that are growing and there few different kinds.

More hydrology type plants

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