Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter- Spring yard shots!

So it was a nice looking day on Thursday and I kinda took more photos that I guess I will share with you. I know everyone is still waiting on those Spring break pics.... I have edited them it's just I take more photos and stuff and I also have the Circus photos from yesterday to edit as well.
On with more photos, you can click for a larger view I believe.

My driveway, nice and long and off the main neighborhood road. Set back in the woods of green. Peace at mind.

My lovely abode that is set in the woods

Figure I show off a few more of the azaleas. They are all bloomed now, every color.

These are new additions in the back garden and look pretty cool. Especially all the different colors.

A more up close photo and with light. We have the bleeding heart! I thought our white had died but it is really small and coming back. There was only one white one on it.

So I took a panorama shot from my roof of the back yard so you can get a good idea of what it looks like. There is usually more shad back there as some of the trees haven't fully sprouted leaves. Anyways, its home!

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