Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cosplay Picnic at Maymont Park Photos

So yesterday I attended the Cosplay Picnic at Maymont Park's Japanese Garden and quite a few people showed up! I think the idea originate on the forums and also a Facebook page was made for it as well. I helped spread the word to the VCU Anime Club and also tried to see if some Cosplay lovers over at wanted to join in.
It was cloudy all day and was supposedly going to rain but the clouds held up pretty well. Only down side was that there wasn't that much lighting for photos but it still was better then moving it indoors.
The Japanese Gardens at MAymont set a perfect backdrop for our little gathering and was exciting to see people in the area with the same interest get out of the house on a cloudy Saturday! I much look forward to the next one, and I hope it is soon with the nicer weather that has brought us.
Anyways, I took plenty of photos and at the bottom I uploaded the video for the Dance (quality isn't that great)!
Click on the photos for larger view!


  1. Hey if you can send my a link to the video that'd be great cause I can't seem to find it on youtbue ^_^
    my email is
    I was North Italy by the way hehe

  2. I tried to email, but they only allow 25MB max to email for one file and it's 45MB.
    So I uploaded it to YouTube and also included the embedded video into the post.
    ^Thats the link ^_^


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