Saturday, April 9, 2011

Caladesi Island State Park: the Beach

Over due over due I know,
anyways here is some more photos from my trip down at Clearwater.
This is at Caladesi Island State Park. You have to take a ferry from Honeymoon island to get here. Click here for the site
In 2008, this beach was labeled as best beach in the united States and actually has been labeled again.
So with out more delay here are the photos of a great, natural setting, well kept beach of Caladesi Island.
Also, click on the photos if you want a better view!

I loved the fact that you can come across tons of shells that are still complete along many of the coasts of the gulf down here. I am use to the beaches of the Outer Banks where rough water and seas ravage the shells and you can only find pieces.

You can even find them still alive like this large Pin Shell, and it is still very much alive inside.

A panoramic view

Also, I took a walk from what little time we had left on the island (only get 4 hours there) and saw some wildlife.

I was hoping to see a well hidden rattlesnake since they are common on the island but the closest I got was the lizard above haha.
Any way's I wished I had gotten more photos of the island before we had to leave but I didn't and I didn't want to pay to get back. (You have to pay to enter Honeymoon Island and then pay like $10 or $12 for the ferry)
We spent the first 3 hours taking a kayak through the mangrove forest on the island and I will make that another post!

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