Tuesday, April 26, 2011

5,000 Page Views!

Well, according to Blogger, I passed 5,000 Page views either yesterday or today for the blog!
Now this I think started counting since they did the Stats on Blogger which was about mid-summer last summer so technically it isn't including Feb-till then last year but I am glad regardless.

So I will say happy 5,000 Posts!
Thanks for those who friend requested the Facebook account, I haven't been updating as much as I said that I would be. I haven't linked my blog articles there in a while either lol
I have constantly updated the Figure and hobby page on Facebook though.

I am glad some people come to enjoy The Life of Samshio...
Most days range from 20-50 page views a day and I hope those of you enjoy what you see. I have been taking more photos recently!

I am happy with the growth of the Figure Blog that I only started this year. It grows a whole lot every Month since it's start in Jan. with 30 page views the entire month and Feb with 415. The Figure site just passed 5,000 page views just two days ago or yesterday and the Hobby blog passed 30,000 back on the 17th.

Glad I can support your interest and glad you can support my interest of blogging. Seeing these numbers make me want to post more as it is inspiration that people are reading!

Have a great day!

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