Monday, March 28, 2011

Sand Key Park, Clearwater, FL

So our first day out (Monday after the long day of driving on Sunday) we went to Sand Key Park, which is a state or local park in Clearwater, and all we had to do was drive maybe 3 miles to reach it. Heck when we walk out onto the beach or even from our hotel parking lot we can look across the causeway or the opening in the barrier islands that boats pass through and we can see the park. I actually walked back to the room from it one day, over th nice tall bridge. Don't worry I wasn't alone, there were plenty of seniors out getting exercise. Anyways, down below is an image of the park on Google Maps and if you look a little to the north you can see where the Quality Inn is and that is where I stayed.

Oh here is the site to Sand Key Park, click here

On to my photos, since that is what everyone really wants to see, or not. I'm not really sure haha

So my sister was trying to take a picture of the entrance way while we were moving in the car and it came out all fuzzy with her cool pix camera so I whipped out my hippo-of-a-camera (it really isn't that big XD) and took the shot and got it for you guys! Oh by the way, perfect weather everyday. But I also got sun burned out on the beach here >_>

As you can see, we pulled up to the beach and didn't expect parking meters, and lucky us we had no coins except like 3 quarters and it was $1.25 an hour or something like that for "peak season" which is March-April or something. They do have a machine that you can pull up to and get change from it.

Nice clean parking lot, they kept it really nice for the amount of people that probably come through here. Have the typical palm trees everywhere as well.

That is our hotel across the water form the park. That is about 1,500 feet away and was surprised the camera could zoom in and still have a stable shot without the use of the tri-pod.

When we reached the beach, they have a "Captain Memo's Pirate cruise" in Clearwater that you can go out and have a good time in. They do have drinks for the kids and adult drinks for the well, the adults. So it is kid and adult friendly, but no we didn't do it. If your interested more, click here for the site link!

Some family photo time! They got a nice shot, the Pirate Ship in the back too!

The beach is nice and broad here too and CLEAN!
That is the bridge that you come over to get here, that is the gap for the boats to go through.

I took a hike around a trail just to see what there was to see there.
Some native plants here and there

I love the texture that leaves make, this was a nice one and the last I saw of it was at Nags Head last summer
The trail marker lol
Funny story about this seagull, I was feeding a whole bunch of them and this one in particular would fly over top of me as I was laying down and would eat out of my hand in mid-flight. He pecked me once trying to grab a frito.

Following I have some wild flowers of the area that looked really nice so I wanted to share them to you guys. I don't really know the names though...

Also, saw these guys chillin out in a little pond in the park.

That is all I have really from the park other then the extra stock photos or pointless pictures that I took. I hope you enjoyed it and I will hard to get the rest of the trip onto the blog!!

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