Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Graffiti of Belle Isle

So yesterday I went down to Belle Island in Richmond after my last class just to get out and take pictures. I took a lot and for now I will post the Graffiti that I saw :) Then I will post more at a later date and also I will be taking a ton for the next few days at my destination. If you didn't figure it out from the coordinates then I am going to Clearwater, Florida.

And on with the artwork, I mean vandalism..... lol

Arg... I'm a pirate

I think this wasn't done by a usually graffiti'er but someone passin through and wanted to say Meow :)

That's not cool :(

Creative I guess
I like tha Buddha :)

Another creative idea,

All together

Inside the building

Inside the larger power plant building where the turbines were at. Refer to the other Belle Island post

I saw this fractal/geometry such and thought it was cool. Found it in a few spots.
Another color of it

The bigger picture of it

I hope you enjoyed the pictures :)
I'll leave this one here for everyone hehehe :)

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