Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting a new person

So (at internship) we are getting a new person in the office and they will be sharing my laptop till they can get another one for them. I am not sure if it is a He or She but I wont be working much next week and not at all the following week because of Spring Break.
Darn and I need the money to compensate the taxes I owed and my credit card bill and for the soaring GAS PRICES!!!
Weather I have work or not all the way on the other side of town I still drive like 40 miles a day for school and that is about 2 gallons ($6 something a day in gas)

I am probably going to start selling some more things on eBay and sell my canoe. If your in t he Richmond area and looking for a Aluminum Grumman 17 foot canoe, then message below if you are interested and I can get your email and we can talk.
Also, my mother is trying to sell my sisters old Viola, it is in great condition and comes with extra strings, the bow and a nice case that has velvet inside. My parents rented out one for a while for my sister and then decided to buy one for her since she was using it a lot but right after that she got out of strings and started more dance and singing in High school so it is still in very good condition. Message/comment about that below as well.

I will be selling from my collection some figures, books and such. I will probably make a post on Figure.fm with some of the things listed that are related to models, otaku books, manga, models and such and then I will eventually place it on eBay.
I just need to take some photos.

OH yeah, if you want a photo of the canoe let me know I will take it and post it.
I might just relist in on Craigslist again

Right...ha never though I be soliciting the fact I wanna sell some stuff to grab a few bucks. Hey I can't help it and it can help me out.

other news....
If you didn't know I am going to Jersey this weekend. The Situation and Pauly D are going to chill for a bit on the beach and grab some girls. Not sure what club they are taking me to yet but should be fine. Snookie will be probably sayin some weird crap.
Ok real story....Uncle is having his 50th birthday party up there and so my mother and I are going up with grandparents and I guess party. I haven't been that far north since Philadelphia back in 2009. I have lots of family further north then that and this weekend I will get to see them for the first time in a while.

As for the following weekend, VCU has it's spring Break and I will be going south. Further south then Jersey is from here but I will take lots of pics. I am going to tease you and not say where I am going south muhahaha. I will surprise you after the photos.

Well I better get back to fixing up some of this stuff. I currently have some work and mine as well get it all in before I can't work much next week.

P.S. i may post other random stuff later on

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