Monday, March 21, 2011

Back from Clearwater, ahh such a nice trip

Hey everyone, it has been a while since a formal post, has it not?
Yeah, well I was in Clearwater, Florida last week just east of Tampa on the Gulf coast. It was splendid.
The weather was perfect, always over 75 degrees every day and there was virtually no clouds at all. In fact the first day we went over to Sand Key Island Park to go on the beach and I didn’t place any lotion on except my face and my body got burned badly. That was my fault, definitely. Anyways, it was a nice beach. It had blue water, was shallow, no waves except from passing boats. The beach was lined with shells, and not like shell fragments like Nags Head and the Outer Banks but like complete shells. It was nice to bring home some “full” shells lol. I walked around the park and got many photos for when I can post them up for everyone whom I hope is soon. I think I said I would have posted some last Friday but I got to into model making and completed my large Gundam model and looks great on the desk. Took a long time to finish it haha mostly because of the weather. Anyways, lots of photos and such on Monday.
On Tuesday, we drove north to Honeymoon Island and grabbed a ferry (at $10 apiece) to Caladesi Island state park. That park has had the beach rated not once but twice as the #1 beach in the US. Pretty nice. Anyways we were only allowed 4 hours on the island and we spent 3 hours of it kayaking through a mangrove forest and that was a great experience except for my mother and sisters loud moth that scared everything away and they hit every tree they could find. *Note to self, don’t ask them to come again lol. We only spent 1 hour on the actual beach before we had to go back to Honeymoon Island. I wished I stayed longer because I wanted to hick on the nature trail on Caladesi; they had common rattlesnakes (eastern diamond back). Saw lots of lizards over there haha.
Honeymoon Island was nice but no trails on that park, just beach. Once we finished we went back to the room and got ready to go out and eat at this nice western styled restaurant. After that we played putt-putt on this really nice looking course. Well kept, nice plants, sweetly designed. IT was like $9.95 a pop though lol FOR ONE ROUND!
Wednesday we just hung around the hotel and the beach and pool. It was a salt water pool so very nice. There was this chick next to me wearing a 2-piece and the bottoms were pretty much a thong bathing suit. She was Spanish and had her kid there (age 5 or so). Interesting…. Lol. And no, didn’t take a picture of that for anyone.
I got to see the sun set on the beach twice, the first time had clouds but the second time was perfect with it disappearing behind the water. Pier 60 was cool, we saw some street performers and there was some people selling their craft. My sister bought a bag to show off to her sorority sisters because they all have one like it. Remind me of a hippy and my sister is far from that. Oh well
Anyways, got home on Thursday after a looonnggg drive. We left the hotel around 8:30am or so and stopped a few times to pee and eat and got home around 10pm that day. Like I said, long drive (850 miles or so).
Spring break was great over all. I cranked out that model on Friday, got through lots of anime and on Saturday and Sunday I spent time with my girlfriend before she had to get back for school. Got a lot out of the way. One unsuccessful thing was getting my girlfriend into Akira that was a shoot and a miss… Bummer. Well at least she is getting to Anime in general, I won’t be picky and she is revved for Otakon and so am I. I am going to try to go to the Anime club this Friday since I had no retail work this week at all. Oh but I do work at the St. Patrick ’s Day Festival this weekend, over two days. I am not sure where it is but I will feel you in!

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