Monday, March 7, 2011

Alive and back from the Jersey Shore (not really the shore lol)

So the trip went great, short and to the point.
He has a great birthday party, he doesn't remember something after 11pm though like the screen door to the deck out back was off the rail lol.
I didn't really drink, well alcohol that is I had tons of chips and aqua (water).
It was nice to see everyone again after so long. It has been awhile.
The funny thing is that none of the spouses came to the party. My dad didn't come, my aunts husband nor did my uncles wife, just the actual brother and two sisters. One of his sisters couldn't make it but that's ok still was a good time.
They had a jam session downstairs with some of his friends before the party was underway. He has his own room in the basement where he has a nice set of drums, a few amps and speakers and microphones. His friends brought along so bases and guitars to play some blues and were not that bad. They tried to get my cousins boyfriend that was over (15 years old) to play drums and he didn't know the songs because4 he plays heavy metal on the drums and not blues. He did fine haha
I drove back from Maryland yesterday from the grandparents and that drive was a pain after D.C. It rained the entire way home and visibility sucked ballz. Plus after D.C. on I-95 there was back ups from the weather. IT was supposed to be 3hrs 10mins but went to over 4 hrs and I had to pee like crazy by the time I got home.

Well I am safe, This Sunday for break will be a 13hr drive to the destination so that will be a ton longer.

So I am starting to post on my Facebook page (Sam Shio) look me up and you can also follow there. Plus I will post more there about what is happening in the now. When I post on blogger I post obviously like this....longer then a status update haha.

I can post photos there and I will post the links to some various stuff and always update the blog still. I also have the SamShio Hobby page on Facebook that I post links to my pages on the Blog so that is something that you can "like" as well.

I can have more conversations there on Facebook as well! Sound good? Well good!

Anyways I am waiting out side a Panera for a friend that I haven't seen in a while and we are grabbing lunch. Her spring break is this week so she is in town. She is someone I guess I became really good friends with through my retail job and I didn't even work with her for a year there before they let her go from a mistake that she should have gotten another chance at. She is better off now at the other job she got after and she went away for school after we graduated for J. Sarge together.

Anyways, good day to you all. I have the link to the facebook page on the right I believe, if not I will add it and you can search Sam Shio in the Richmond area. I did add VCU as a school if it helps to find me. Seya!

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