Thursday, March 3, 2011

Akira Cel's

So, I have been to lazy to take some photos of the other things that I got in which were comics from Dark Horse. The writer of them happened to be Katsuhiro Otomo, author/illustrator/director/screen play of Akira both the manga and movie. Anyways, since I didn't really take a photo of "The Legend of Mother Sarah" series that I got a hold of (till next time) I will go ahead and blog about the big pieces of things that I got

Cel's from the movie Akira.

I recently got cel's from the movie Akira (2) and have the original drawings to go with them.
These cel's were used from the 200,000 cel's that they used for the picture, Akira. An artist that was under watch by Otomo had drawn these up and then sketched it out and painted it on to the cel.

I got Tetsuo with his red cape

Kei and Takashi walking on top of the water before they disappear from Kaneda's eyes

And of course my certificate of authenticity

yeah, good stuff, I just framed them tonight and they look great. I can only wish to get my hands on more but a ton of them are way over my budget. I can only hope to find more with the original background cel.


  1. Aren't those certificates worth as much as the paper they are printed on? lol

    1. the actual certificate really isn't worth anything, but keeping it with the right cell number helps prove that it is one that was used in production and not something some dude painted and decided to sell


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