Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 Earthquake that hit Japan: Some Videos

Here are a few videos from people in homes taping it or from Japanese news of the earthquake

Kamaishi engulfed by tsunami after earthquake rocks Japan - video

YouTube - Oil fuel tank explosion moments earthquake (March 11)

Family evacuates home as massive earthquake... by Zoomin_UK

YouTube - [HD] 2011.3.11 (Fri) 14:46 Sanno in Toride, Ibaraki Prefecture earthquake occurred in Japan earthquake

YouTube - Earthquake in Setagaya.

YouTube - Roppongi earthquake

YouTube - 4 Tohoku, Kanto Earthquake Toukyou Odaiba building fire

YouTube - Taiheiyou earthquake shakes northeastern city Kawaguti

YouTube - NHK NHK news at the time of the earthquake 仙台放送局

YouTube - NHK Natori River, Miyagi Prefecture Earthquake Damage Taiheiyou Northeast News

YouTube - NHK News News from around the earthquake off northeastern Taiheiyou

YouTube - NHK News Taiheiyou northeastern Tohoku region earthquake news

Moment Earthquake hit

Japan's 8.9 magnitude earthquake triggers tsunami - video. By the Guardian

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