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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sand Key Park, Clearwater, FL

So our first day out (Monday after the long day of driving on Sunday) we went to Sand Key Park, which is a state or local park in Clearwater, and all we had to do was drive maybe 3 miles to reach it. Heck when we walk out onto the beach or even from our hotel parking lot we can look across the causeway or the opening in the barrier islands that boats pass through and we can see the park. I actually walked back to the room from it one day, over th nice tall bridge. Don't worry I wasn't alone, there were plenty of seniors out getting exercise. Anyways, down below is an image of the park on Google Maps and if you look a little to the north you can see where the Quality Inn is and that is where I stayed.

Oh here is the site to Sand Key Park, click here

On to my photos, since that is what everyone really wants to see, or not. I'm not really sure haha

So my sister was trying to take a picture of the entrance way while we were moving in the car and it came out all fuzzy with her cool pix camera so I whipped out my hippo-of-a-camera (it really isn't that big XD) and took the shot and got it for you guys! Oh by the way, perfect weather everyday. But I also got sun burned out on the beach here >_>

As you can see, we pulled up to the beach and didn't expect parking meters, and lucky us we had no coins except like 3 quarters and it was $1.25 an hour or something like that for "peak season" which is March-April or something. They do have a machine that you can pull up to and get change from it.

Nice clean parking lot, they kept it really nice for the amount of people that probably come through here. Have the typical palm trees everywhere as well.

That is our hotel across the water form the park. That is about 1,500 feet away and was surprised the camera could zoom in and still have a stable shot without the use of the tri-pod.

When we reached the beach, they have a "Captain Memo's Pirate cruise" in Clearwater that you can go out and have a good time in. They do have drinks for the kids and adult drinks for the well, the adults. So it is kid and adult friendly, but no we didn't do it. If your interested more, click here for the site link!

Some family photo time! They got a nice shot, the Pirate Ship in the back too!

The beach is nice and broad here too and CLEAN!
That is the bridge that you come over to get here, that is the gap for the boats to go through.

I took a hike around a trail just to see what there was to see there.
Some native plants here and there

I love the texture that leaves make, this was a nice one and the last I saw of it was at Nags Head last summer
The trail marker lol
Funny story about this seagull, I was feeding a whole bunch of them and this one in particular would fly over top of me as I was laying down and would eat out of my hand in mid-flight. He pecked me once trying to grab a frito.

Following I have some wild flowers of the area that looked really nice so I wanted to share them to you guys. I don't really know the names though...

Also, saw these guys chillin out in a little pond in the park.

That is all I have really from the park other then the extra stock photos or pointless pictures that I took. I hope you enjoyed it and I will hard to get the rest of the trip onto the blog!!

Didn't like Skyline

Watched Skyline today...did not like...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Robert Patternson for the Akira remake?! I think not!

So I hear that Robert Patternson was given a copy of the script now that it is all set to go and they are looking for a cast. Robert was given a script for playing Kaneda....Which I hope in HELL never happens. I don't want to go o the theater (if i actually go see it) and sit in a swarm of Paterson lovers from the Twilight series. SHOOT ME.
I hope they cast some one else. No Paterson, No Justin Beber or who ever he is, no Zack Efron just stay away from them. But HELL no to Paterson, just saying. Just realllllly saying

Monday, March 21, 2011

Back from Clearwater, ahh such a nice trip

Hey everyone, it has been a while since a formal post, has it not?
Yeah, well I was in Clearwater, Florida last week just east of Tampa on the Gulf coast. It was splendid.
The weather was perfect, always over 75 degrees every day and there was virtually no clouds at all. In fact the first day we went over to Sand Key Island Park to go on the beach and I didn’t place any lotion on except my face and my body got burned badly. That was my fault, definitely. Anyways, it was a nice beach. It had blue water, was shallow, no waves except from passing boats. The beach was lined with shells, and not like shell fragments like Nags Head and the Outer Banks but like complete shells. It was nice to bring home some “full” shells lol. I walked around the park and got many photos for when I can post them up for everyone whom I hope is soon. I think I said I would have posted some last Friday but I got to into model making and completed my large Gundam model and looks great on the desk. Took a long time to finish it haha mostly because of the weather. Anyways, lots of photos and such on Monday.
On Tuesday, we drove north to Honeymoon Island and grabbed a ferry (at $10 apiece) to Caladesi Island state park. That park has had the beach rated not once but twice as the #1 beach in the US. Pretty nice. Anyways we were only allowed 4 hours on the island and we spent 3 hours of it kayaking through a mangrove forest and that was a great experience except for my mother and sisters loud moth that scared everything away and they hit every tree they could find. *Note to self, don’t ask them to come again lol. We only spent 1 hour on the actual beach before we had to go back to Honeymoon Island. I wished I stayed longer because I wanted to hick on the nature trail on Caladesi; they had common rattlesnakes (eastern diamond back). Saw lots of lizards over there haha.
Honeymoon Island was nice but no trails on that park, just beach. Once we finished we went back to the room and got ready to go out and eat at this nice western styled restaurant. After that we played putt-putt on this really nice looking course. Well kept, nice plants, sweetly designed. IT was like $9.95 a pop though lol FOR ONE ROUND!
Wednesday we just hung around the hotel and the beach and pool. It was a salt water pool so very nice. There was this chick next to me wearing a 2-piece and the bottoms were pretty much a thong bathing suit. She was Spanish and had her kid there (age 5 or so). Interesting…. Lol. And no, didn’t take a picture of that for anyone.
I got to see the sun set on the beach twice, the first time had clouds but the second time was perfect with it disappearing behind the water. Pier 60 was cool, we saw some street performers and there was some people selling their craft. My sister bought a bag to show off to her sorority sisters because they all have one like it. Remind me of a hippy and my sister is far from that. Oh well
Anyways, got home on Thursday after a looonnggg drive. We left the hotel around 8:30am or so and stopped a few times to pee and eat and got home around 10pm that day. Like I said, long drive (850 miles or so).
Spring break was great over all. I cranked out that model on Friday, got through lots of anime and on Saturday and Sunday I spent time with my girlfriend before she had to get back for school. Got a lot out of the way. One unsuccessful thing was getting my girlfriend into Akira that was a shoot and a miss… Bummer. Well at least she is getting to Anime in general, I won’t be picky and she is revved for Otakon and so am I. I am going to try to go to the Anime club this Friday since I had no retail work this week at all. Oh but I do work at the St. Patrick ’s Day Festival this weekend, over two days. I am not sure where it is but I will feel you in!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Heading back to Richmond from Clearwater

Hey I am waking up to head back to Richmond.
I'll miss the nice beaches of the Gulf but hey life goes on.
Another 13 hour drive back. I think I'll get home around 9pm.... or later
We were going to swim with the manatee's today but we couldn't fit it in and we would be driving at like 5am in the morning home.

Anyways, look fr a nice post tomorrow, if I am not lazy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My view from my Hotel Room: Clear Water Beach

So supposedly we have an ocean view room, and what you see below is the sliver of a view. Most of our view is a roof and the side of our hotel, followed by the parking lot below and the next door hotel lol. Nice...

I seez the car we drove!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Made it to Clearwater

After a long drive (13 hours from 4:04am-6:10pm including two stops for food)
Anyways, we have our nice ocean front room lol I will take a photo of it so you know why I lol'd.
Anyways, we are going to head out soon to find dinner, we are so hungry, I am so hungry!
Another thing, there is a TON of college kids here, a ton. The guys are all walking around with no shirts and tanning. I don't think anyone swims just walks around and parties. Luckily there is no alcohol on the beaches, that probably is a really good thing.

Peace out

Vacation: Spring break

So I am heading out now for my 13 hour drive/ride and it is 3:30am
I wont be around the nets for the entire day so just wanted to let you guys know!
Have a great day/week guys!
Still pray and keep in your mind of the people in Japan as well.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Graffiti of Belle Isle

So yesterday I went down to Belle Island in Richmond after my last class just to get out and take pictures. I took a lot and for now I will post the Graffiti that I saw :) Then I will post more at a later date and also I will be taking a ton for the next few days at my destination. If you didn't figure it out from the coordinates then I am going to Clearwater, Florida.

And on with the artwork, I mean vandalism..... lol

Arg... I'm a pirate

I think this wasn't done by a usually graffiti'er but someone passin through and wanted to say Meow :)

That's not cool :(

Creative I guess
I like tha Buddha :)

Another creative idea,

All together

Inside the building

Inside the larger power plant building where the turbines were at. Refer to the other Belle Island post

I saw this fractal/geometry such and thought it was cool. Found it in a few spots.
Another color of it

The bigger picture of it

I hope you enjoyed the pictures :)
I'll leave this one here for everyone hehehe :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 Earthquake that hit Japan: Some Videos

Here are a few videos from people in homes taping it or from Japanese news of the earthquake

Kamaishi engulfed by tsunami after earthquake rocks Japan - video

YouTube - Oil fuel tank explosion moments earthquake (March 11)

Family evacuates home as massive earthquake... by Zoomin_UK

YouTube - [HD] 2011.3.11 (Fri) 14:46 Sanno in Toride, Ibaraki Prefecture earthquake occurred in Japan earthquake

YouTube - Earthquake in Setagaya.

YouTube - Roppongi earthquake

YouTube - 4 Tohoku, Kanto Earthquake Toukyou Odaiba building fire

YouTube - Taiheiyou earthquake shakes northeastern city Kawaguti

YouTube - NHK NHK news at the time of the earthquake 仙台放送局

YouTube - NHK Natori River, Miyagi Prefecture Earthquake Damage Taiheiyou Northeast News

YouTube - NHK News News from around the earthquake off northeastern Taiheiyou

YouTube - NHK News Taiheiyou northeastern Tohoku region earthquake news

Moment Earthquake hit

Japan's 8.9 magnitude earthquake triggers tsunami - video. By the Guardian

8.9 earthquake hit off Japan

Mass devastation has hit off Japan this morning and perhaps the lands of America.
I hope many people are safe in Japan as the tsunami has hit and aftershocks are still rocking.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Otakon Pre-reg is open!

So I think I did well last night on my open book/notes test I think I did well. There was only one question we had to answer and it was an essay question and we had to have a few quotes from The Travels of Marco Polo and a few other secondary sources of his travels as well. The question was somewhere like “Do you think Marco really did go to the Khan out in China and what he wanted his book to be? And also the last part is what kind of mark should it be left on in history? Yeah, I could prepare before the class an outline of the essay but I didn’t really get that done on the trip this weekend which I tried to in the car. So much for that, but actually I did read some of the secondary sources when I was riding and highlighted some great stuff and that helped out a lot. I was supposed to finish the Travels of Marco but I didn’t even get through the first part about the Middle East so I used what I could. I made a great point though and should get a great grade. I used like 7 quotes or so and only needed 3. I’m cool like that and my first test was like a 100.
It got me to get out of class early last night and get home at 9pm rather than 10pm. Nice, I ate some left over pizza that was in the fridge. I should have eaten the ribs, they are so good. Tonight, I will tonight.
Oh yeah, lunch went great with my friend, it was nice to catch up. We state there for like 2.5 hours chatting it up and then I watched the new episode of Archer (on FX) before I ran to my Environmental Geology class. It was an overall good day yesterday. I got a Haiku in, did great on my test (I think), got in my survey monkey and answered a few for some of the classmates.
Also another package with a multi-figure box came in. It is one of things that you buy it and open it and see what you get kind of thing at a convention. Except I have the entire collection with the extra that is made with all the other ones. Pretty cool and nicely modeled but I don’t think I will get any more of these since I have two from one piece and I might sell them off as I stated last week. Just lazy to post anything on it quite yet and also I leave this Sunday and don’t want to sell something that I can’t get out there to anyone lol.
Today I go back to the internship after this class. I won’t have a laptop so I am going today to get an idea of what is going to happen this week. Since most the work is on the laptop, I could just shred more paper today, see if I can help anyone with some repairs or moving into offices or what not. It is another guy that they hired so now it is 4 men in the office. Nice. Also this guy apparently applied for the job after he got out of college in the summer for the position but couldn’t come in till way later so they passed him off at first. The reason why he couldn’t come in and start till later is because he was sailing around the world after graduating which is pretty cool. I won’t take off that much time after graduating next year when I go to Japan, just about a month and a half or something. Anyways I hope he will be cool to talk to and add more positive energy to the work place. So because of this, I didn’t know how long I would be at work today so I bought my laptop and camera with me today to school just in case I leave early I might go to Maymont or something and take some pictures before my 5:30 class.
Now that the weather is getting better I hope I get more photos onto the blog and for the Facebook page, (which you should check out!)
Also, another piece of news is that the panel registration and the pre-registration are open at Otakon! Yes the second biggest convention of its kind in North America is coming back to the Baltimore Convention Center at the End of July! The pre-registration is at $65, so get it now and don’t wait for 4 hours in line for the price of $75 probably. The 4 hours is long, trust me did it last year but if you are planning on doing that get there early so you don’t miss out on some things there! Go, I will be there, I probably will submit some Gundam Models to the competition and still might try to paint some art work for the art show! I will try to post it on the blog pre the convention so you know to come to see my artwork! Ha, and bid on it of course. I also contacted Joe the Peacock who is curator of the “Art of Akira” exhibit that he sends and travels with and told him he should bring it to Otakon and he said he will try to get it there. Hope he does. Also, I recommended Otakon to Danny Choo and I hope he comes or Otakon gets him to come. I messaged both so they know. I want this year to be great because I most likely not go next year if I am spending money on the Japan trip.
Well I think I talked long enough but I really could go on. I will also post something later on today or tomorrow about where I will be next week, I figure I mine as well say in case people have great recommendations done there for me to go to.
Also go see Picasso at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. I need to as well!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kung Fu Panda Trailer and movie poster

Alive and back from the Jersey Shore (not really the shore lol)

So the trip went great, short and to the point.
He has a great birthday party, he doesn't remember something after 11pm though like the screen door to the deck out back was off the rail lol.
I didn't really drink, well alcohol that is I had tons of chips and aqua (water).
It was nice to see everyone again after so long. It has been awhile.
The funny thing is that none of the spouses came to the party. My dad didn't come, my aunts husband nor did my uncles wife, just the actual brother and two sisters. One of his sisters couldn't make it but that's ok still was a good time.
They had a jam session downstairs with some of his friends before the party was underway. He has his own room in the basement where he has a nice set of drums, a few amps and speakers and microphones. His friends brought along so bases and guitars to play some blues and were not that bad. They tried to get my cousins boyfriend that was over (15 years old) to play drums and he didn't know the songs because4 he plays heavy metal on the drums and not blues. He did fine haha
I drove back from Maryland yesterday from the grandparents and that drive was a pain after D.C. It rained the entire way home and visibility sucked ballz. Plus after D.C. on I-95 there was back ups from the weather. IT was supposed to be 3hrs 10mins but went to over 4 hrs and I had to pee like crazy by the time I got home.

Well I am safe, This Sunday for break will be a 13hr drive to the destination so that will be a ton longer.

So I am starting to post on my Facebook page (Sam Shio) look me up and you can also follow there. Plus I will post more there about what is happening in the now. When I post on blogger I post obviously like this....longer then a status update haha.

I can post photos there and I will post the links to some various stuff and always update the blog still. I also have the SamShio Hobby page on Facebook that I post links to my pages on the Blog so that is something that you can "like" as well.

I can have more conversations there on Facebook as well! Sound good? Well good!

Anyways I am waiting out side a Panera for a friend that I haven't seen in a while and we are grabbing lunch. Her spring break is this week so she is in town. She is someone I guess I became really good friends with through my retail job and I didn't even work with her for a year there before they let her go from a mistake that she should have gotten another chance at. She is better off now at the other job she got after and she went away for school after we graduated for J. Sarge together.

Anyways, good day to you all. I have the link to the facebook page on the right I believe, if not I will add it and you can search Sam Shio in the Richmond area. I did add VCU as a school if it helps to find me. Seya!

Friday, March 4, 2011

I's be leavin town for a short while

So I am heading out soon to the lovely north. It should be a good trip seeing family and such and will be right back Sunday night for class on Monday morning.
I will take photos I guess but I will block out faces XD
Just to give a heads up as I don't think I can do much posting over the weekend even at all the other blogs.
My grandmotehr has a computer so I could tonight but I wouldn't have anything to say other then the trip was fine.

Anyways, have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Akira Cel's

So, I have been to lazy to take some photos of the other things that I got in which were comics from Dark Horse. The writer of them happened to be Katsuhiro Otomo, author/illustrator/director/screen play of Akira both the manga and movie. Anyways, since I didn't really take a photo of "The Legend of Mother Sarah" series that I got a hold of (till next time) I will go ahead and blog about the big pieces of things that I got

Cel's from the movie Akira.

I recently got cel's from the movie Akira (2) and have the original drawings to go with them.
These cel's were used from the 200,000 cel's that they used for the picture, Akira. An artist that was under watch by Otomo had drawn these up and then sketched it out and painted it on to the cel.

I got Tetsuo with his red cape

Kei and Takashi walking on top of the water before they disappear from Kaneda's eyes

And of course my certificate of authenticity

yeah, good stuff, I just framed them tonight and they look great. I can only wish to get my hands on more but a ton of them are way over my budget. I can only hope to find more with the original background cel.
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