Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vocaloids: Where did they come from? also Magnet Live vid

So I come across this chick that is a figure called Miku and she is from Vocaloid/Vocaloids and at first I thought it was an anime about a singing group (most figures that are made by Good Smile Company and the like are from an anime/video game/or some otaku cultural thing) but I then found a link to a live concert and I was like "oh is it a real band that had an anime spin off or something?" So I pull it up and watch it. These concerts have live musicians but the singers are 3D images that dance and sing to the music being played. This is quite amazing actually, and an interesting spin to the music industry. Think of all the radical images or dances or stunts or shows you can put on using the character of the group (Miku she is the one with the long blue hair in the vid below). You could do many things with shows and get more people to come out and watch. I hope that there are real singers that record the music for them to play, or I wonder if the singers are off to the side of the stage and sing along to make it "live" show. I wouldn't want it all to be computer programmed because I don't want this to replace singers since that is a major industry anywhere you go in the world.
Anyways, I checked Wikipedia to get to the bottom of things and the fact is that "Vocaloid"

Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application, with its signal processing part developed through a joint research project between the Pompeu Fabra University in Spain and the Yamaha Corporation, who backed the development financially—and later developed the software into the commercial product "Vocaloid".

So I read further down and it really was a program for people who wanted to use a really good product i.e. singing synthesizer. So when Vocaloid 2 came out, it had a character themed, this case it was Miku, and that was her creation. There are many different characters now but her being the one of the first set things off for this software. Just a bit of interesting information for those who really wanted to get to the bottom of things. Click here and you can read about the actually Hatsune Miku character!
Enjoy the live concert song below!

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