Friday, February 18, 2011

VMFA: Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris Exhibit

Hey everyone!
I am excited that we get to see something like this brought to our River City, Richmond.
These Masterpieces from Picasso are from the Musee National Picasso, in Paris.
Richmond's, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts that recently underwent massive expansions and renovations to it is going to be one of 7 venues in the world to host this exhibition. We are the only venue on the east coast to show off 176 pieces of Picasso's work ranging from 8 decades of his life so if shows pieces from when he started and when he was in his older ages.
You can see first hand how he underwent over time and how his work had changed over the years. From paintings, sculptures and drawings all of these pieces are coming from the largest collection in the world, Picasso. This is modern art at its best everyone, I recommend going when you get a chance.
Also it is another great exhibition that the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts can celebrate their 75th anniversary this year.

Some logistics:
The Exhibition opens up tomorrow, February 19th 2011 and will continue to May 15th 2011.
That gives you a lot of opportunities to get a chance to get out there and view this collection. Also it is a fantastic reason to go for a day to view the newly renovated art museum if you have not and go with company and enjoy the fine restaurant inside or perhaps the library!

The prices are:
Adults: $20
Seniors 65+, students with ID, adult groups 10+, and youth 7-17 are $16
6 and under and of course the Members of the VMFA are FREE

It is worth the trip to go see this since it has a very big significant foot print in Modern Art as well historical art in the world.

You can bet I will be going, heck my parents are too!

"Click HERE" for the main page about the exhibition at
"Click HERE" if you would like to purchase your tickets online, just follow the instructions

Please, if you like just plain modern art and not the big names or you just want to find something to do on the weekend or on a rainy day, go see Picasso's work. IT is worth it.

Once I go, I will talk about my experience.
I also added it to my blog on Life in Richmond, I might try to work in articles in there that specifically have to do with Living in Richmond :)

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