Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sup yo

So I got to lass 55 minutes late today, I had the time wrong. I usually leave at 10am not 11am for my class....so when I left was when class started, bla what ever I just need those notes.

So, I see people are enjoying the Katsucon 2011 photo updated post where I am constantly adding new links to tons of photos from the convention. Please post your own if you like, I insist, right down below.

So it was sorta snowing this morning but not anymore, oh well.
I wish I got one more blizzard before the spring rains and spring ray's of sun beat down on me :)

oh yeah, so I created a Facebook page for my Hobby blog so if you want to follow you can.

I have really been working hard on all these blogs and enjoying it as well. I am getting a little behind my reading for school though which is bad. I caught up with my TV shows though haha.
I follow, Big Love, The Cape, Parenthood, White Collar, Man Vs. Wild, Royal Pains, Archer, and yeah I think that it, maybe another. I kinda keep up with Gold Rush too but I just happen to watch it when I have the TV on working on work later on in the night haha.

Hmm I am trying to think of anything else, oh, my packages are to be here soon and I will photo them up for you guys. Muhahaha.

There was an earthquake earlier today I believe. Caused serious damage in New Zealand.
Justin (homo) Bieber got a hair cut,
Um idk what else to say honestly.

I'll keep you guys in the loop, if you like hobbies that relate to anime or figures, seriously check my other blogs. If you like my photography and like listening to me rant about life then I would just stay here :)

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