Friday, February 4, 2011

Olive Garden Bread Sticks are bum!

Ok so still some bread sticks laying around at the office from Olive Garden and I ate two. They are good, just wish there was some tomato sauce for them.
Might go back up and get more!
Anyways, I am glad that it is Friday!
There is nothing for me to do at the office so I am sitting here browsing the net, updating the Hobby/figure blogs and reading up on movie news as you can tell with some of the post down below!
Sanctum just came out today,

Check out the trailer above to see which one I am talking about.
This actually looks good, and really interesting, plus it's James Cameron so you know it's probably well directed.
I wonder if I can get the mother parent to go with or something. I think the last film we went to see together was Taken which is also really good!
To bad movie tickets are out of the roof. $10 really? You can get the DVD for like $14 when it comes out and see it as much as you want. IT really is just crazy and turns me off for a movie.
How about this, you et a $20 gift card for the theaters and you are like $20 bucks?! That is pretty nice and you usually never go alone to a theater usually so you invite your girl friend and go. BAM, the one movie uses up the entire gift card...just nuts!
Especially 3D, $13-$14 for a showing?! Are you nuts?
You know me, I will ramble about 3D for a while so I wont get into it.
Guys if you live in Richmond like me, go to the Byrd theater (link here) in a few months before it is released on DVD if you want to see it on a large screen. $2 for a ticket? THAT is more I like it. Seriously, what the hell is up with a $10 ticket? Especially taking away student discounts on the weekend? It's the freaking weekend, which means we want to go out! That is taking advantage, just saying.

Anyways, tonight at VCU they are stream 2 movies and I am going to see one of them.
The other is Due Date:

Yeah that movie, that has the funny dude from the Hangover and Mr. Ironman/Sherlock Holmes.
I heard it was funny and alright but it is something I can see on the TV, and the other movie is

Yeah that movie, I am not sure if it went to theaters but it was a movie that I WANTed to see. I talked about it a few times back in December/November when ever I first saw the trailer.
Yeah you remember...I think.
That is what I am going to see, so I am glad I get to see it. Can't get enough about these types of movies. Drives me crazy lol

So doing that with a friend and get home to work on some more homework or read or something. I got work tomorrow as well at noon and I just want to be able to study for my Asian History test and not bomb it. Sunday I am not sure what I am going to do, probably church and then writing or something.
I am also going to fix my laptop on Sunday since I think I will have plenty of time to repair it. Vista is trashed (or the drive) but seams to run the newest version of Ubuntu for t he desktop. It is free and I have been using the previous version for a while on the laptop (due OS on my drive).
It is a nice OS but if you are simple and just use the computer for what it is for then don't get it as you don't really get support for it. If you have a problem with it or something, you gotta repair it or go to the community forums to figure out how to fix it. It is great for programmers and hackers or people who love an open-system OS where they can do lots with it.
At the time that I got it I was interested in programming and editing stuff like that but don't have the time to really get into it anymore and my blogs are higher priority(muhaha)
So yeah, I am using Ubuntu right now (which is a Linux OS) and I really don't know anyone else who uses it other then 2 friends I have. It is always Windows 7 or "the best OS in the world" Apple freaks >_>

Anyways, if it is vista and some of the software on it that is torn apart then I will pull out the OS and place Windows 7 onto the laptop. Only thing I can do and I mine as well upgrade if I take out Vista. Also, might try out Office 2011, but who knows.

Well I have to get back and work on this question that is going to be an essay question on the test on Monday night:

What factors contributed to the long-term viability of the Silk Road, from roughly 200 BCE to 1300 CE, even though it faced significant challenges including dangerous routes, expansive distances, and war-torn fringes?

Yeah.....I better get reading...

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