Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nothing really to say..o wait

So I figured I stop by to update yet I don't have anything really to say now that I think about it.
I have been busy posting on the Hobby/Figure blogs because over the weekend there was the Wonder Festival 2011 Winter Conference where all the company's that produced models and figures and such come and show off what they have lined up for releases this year.
So as you can see a lot of new images and photo coverage that I was linking to and grabbing photos and such.
It is fun to be the first to see some of these photos and what is in store for me to cover later this year.
In fact a figure was opened for preorder today and the big three sites that I go to place orders had already closed the preorders because they go fast...Honestly I don't think it is far for the people in America because they open the preorder over the middle of the night usually. PLUS, the people in Japan can just get them at the store, we can't....
So now that they are already pre-sold there is no way to get them again unless there is another shipment (not likely), does a re-release in a year (which will also pre-sell just as fast), or buy them from someone who doesn't want it anymore or get it at a convention where they add $20 to the price tag >_> Pissed off

Ok done with that rant, so even though I couldn't get a preorder in there I still posted about the preorder on my blog and new images from the figures for people who want to know what it looks like and what to expect. Great details and such you know. There was a re-released preorder today as well with the 2 new figures and that was pre-sold too. That figure was about 6,700Yen, roughly $ is a large figure, it really is...

So so far I managed to get a preorder in for a re-release for a figure a few weeks ago and actually they are still accepting pre-orders for it at all 3 sites. Guess not many want him, to bad I like the guy haha

So my Haiku I turned in on Monday was "good" he wrote lol, he also made a comment about "season" because we were supposed to focus on this season (winter if anyone wanted to knew) and I specifically put the word seasons and he wrote in that I should have just put "winter". Ops oh well
I am enjoying writing them though!
I got to read Chapter 3 and 4 from my "Taking the Path of Zen" book and pages 153-210 of my Dhamapada book. Lots of reading before next Wednesday but I can do it!!!!
I have tests to study for as well, one in Ecology next week and one in Social Research class as well. I hope I can prepare since I am going to visit the girl friend. wow I just realized that I need to study for those and I wont be here. Crap that is going to be hard, but hey I love her and it is Valentines weekend. I just hope I don't sacrifice my grades for her or I really will graduate late. Which I probably am going to do at this rate anyways unfortunately. Still doesn't mean I will give up my grade adventure next Summer, or maybe I will and take class over the Summer and then do my grand adventure over the Fall! The weather will be less hot to work in the fields.
I looked into this orchard to maybe work in Japan. That would be fun and it was in Kyoto or the home town of Bandai (creator of Gundam models..yeah *raises hand up* I'm a nerd)

So that is what I have on my plate. I am at work now and still have nothing to do since I finished all that stuff up that I started on Winter Break. I am kinda working on homework and might start doing my reading since I bring in my school books with me if I need to read.
OH! I bought some great artifacts (lulz not really artifacts but are rarities and collectibles)
I will get pictures and make a nice post :) Of course when they all come in that is.
I'll give you a hint, posted something like it before, it is my favorite anime and..yeah probably figure it out now.

Still have some things for sale on eBay, man I hope people start bidding on it. Less things in my room the better so I can get money to pay for my preorders and have room for them in there!
BUY them!!!! NOWWWWW, thanks :)

Read for either a snow storm or for it to get warm now so I can paint and enjoy the outside world for photography!!! Just sayin everyone.
Also, I am getting jittery about Otakon, is it here yet?
Wonder if I got anything else, already know about my fixed laptop....hmmmm

OH dudes, check this out, click here, it is a waste-to-energy power plant in Denmark that is having the roof designed so that there is like a mini-ski resort up on top with green, blue and black diamond runs on it. Due out in 2016, in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. I know someone who lives there :)

So that Is all I have for now everyone! Seya!

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