Monday, February 28, 2011

My weekend, beaver dam

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to update rom my own words today since I haven't really said anything all weekend except for Sophie, my kitty.
She isn't my actual cat, Midna is. Sophie is about 4 years old now and doing well. Still annoyed at Midna though. I can't blame her though.
So, now that February is over after today and starting this blog back in last February of 2010, I am glad of what I have done.
I stated that I would act a lot more and post more and it shows because I have a Ton more post then last month and December I think. Plus more visitors and more people commented then the normal people that do and I am happy that people are saying what they want to. I want people to post under my post, get active and starting conversations is always great. I’m always open for them.
This past weekend I had some trouble being down on Saturday and I was anti-social. Bad choice but can't take it back but I am ok now. After work I was feeling a bit better. I tried to do some painting yesterday since the weather was doing great. No wind, no high humidity and the temperature were like 67 or so, felt great. The problem came when I had a model that was mostly (85%) white and my Krylon Fusion white can was running empty and was sputtering on the plastic so I had to stop since I rather have a smooth job.
So I packed up the stuff and had to find something else to do because I didn't feel like going to Wal-Mart to get the $4.55 can of spray. Too lazy to drive. So I decided to go down to the big creek, or that is what I called it way back in the day when I was a youngin. MY creek runs into it and it is larger.
Anyways, I walked down there thinking I could cross with the not so rainy/dry weather we have had. I got down there and where my creek intersects the "big creek" or "Big C" it flattens out a lot and has a nice open area. Well closer I got to the Big C I noticed that the creek was up and over top the banks. So about 5 feet over what it usually is, I walked closer and found that the beavers are back and built a brand new dam in a newer place then the last one. This one is way longer, like 80 foot across and it holds back ALOT of water.
So this causes problems as a lot of that area down there is flat anyways and rain sits in the swampy wetland areas and now they are super saturated and when the warmer weather gets here that is going to be a TON of insect larva, mostly mosquito. I hate to go in the summer and get eaten alive, trust me, the pricker vines + the bugs biting will suck.
So I tried to bust the dam standing on the bottom of the dam. I got a good hole in it and raised the water on my side like half a foot. If it completed burst I would be floating down the creek under a pile of logs and brush they used and that would be a pain to get out of. Wouldn't be awesome.
So I gave up and walked around. There is this guy that keeps a lot of junk on his property and also puts it on the other side of the creek (which isn't his property but Virginia Power I believe) and has left it there...for years. There are a few cars, scrap metal and stuff. Some of the things that never should have been dumped there is an old oil drum that was pushed on its side and has busted open. It was full of tar and has created a puddle of tar right there but has stayed there in the same spot since the surface had harden from the atmosphere and stuff. Still not cool, I cut into it and got the sticky stuff on my hands. It is still on my hands...
The other crappy thing that is down there is a pile of 25 USED CAR BATTERIES. That is a definite hazardous material. He didn't even put it under some of the scrap metal or place in the car seat of one of the left cars. It is out in the open so the rain and sun can get onto it and all of those acid and toxic materials will seep into the ground and go straight into the creek that is 30 feet away. You are not even allowed to through away car batteries you have to recycle them by law I believe. This is crazy and I would clean it up myself but I don't have the right equipment and I am not even sure if I am allowed to be there. Also I would have almost a mile to walk it out of there through people back yards...
I have been going down there for a long time and this is the first I have noticed the batteries but they have been there for a while. The tar barrel has been there for a long time.
Lots have changed down there and that is what happens over time these days out in nature. Changes, natural changes effect it and of course human change. Mostly what I saw was all natural change like the beaver dam >_>
Anyways, it has been a great place to go because I have my woods, the woods that are around mine, and then follow out my creek to the Big C and I get TONS more woods that has this "junk man" (what I called him long ago, I know his real name now lol), have a rail road, the power lines of course, the random bamboo patch, the creek, the wetlands, a pond, behind my old school, access to more streams, an old site where you can find old glass bottles, you can fish, there is a road that goes over the Big C. A lot of this area though you are not technically allowed to go through so I always have the excitement to never gets caught down there. Always a good time.
Also on Friday I had gotten some other Akira stuff, well more related I guess lol. I will get photos of that since I still have more to post. I also need to clean up my room a bit (not related).
So… Last week I filled my car up for $2.93 a gallon and now that tomorrow I need to fill my car up today it is at $3.39! Holy S%$ that is an increase. 47 cents, that is like for every 2 gallons I get it is a dollar more than last time. Yesterday was $3.29 and has gone up 10 cents in a day. I hope it doesn’t go up anymore for tomorrow.
I need to fly or something like Goku to save money from gas. DANG!
It rained today while I went home to eat; the bad thing was that I left my car window open since it was a nice day. Well my car seat was soaked… I have a wet butt now and sitting in class. I like the fact he posts the PowerPoint lectures online to look at later so I haven’t been taking notes. It is a 2 hour 40min class.
Well I think I should bounce, I edited a few bits ago the Maymont photos so I can post them soon as well.
My list for the week:
  • · Post rest of my merchandise
  • · Maymont photos
  • · Spray paint
  • · Re-fill car
  • · Frames for my wall
  • · Email department head about summer class
  • · Pack for New Jersey!

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