Sunday, February 20, 2011

Longwood Garden's Flowers Part 2

So long over due I have the second part of the the flower photos from Longwood Garden's.

These are some of the poinsettia's that the gardens had indoors and boy did they have many different colors and types of these. Mostly probably from them arranging them and creating alterations.

Some more.

This is one of those Pitcher plants that capture prey (flies and insects) using a sweet nectar smell that is at the bottom of the "pitcher". Flies go in and can't climb out because of the downward pointing hairs on the wall. These though didn't get many flies but sticks and leaves from people sticking it in them...

This is a type of hibiscus, and I really liked these flowers and what many different colors that the gardens had produced. We have one swamp hibiscus out back and when it blooms it has a rather large flower that is amazing but it doesn't last long because the bugs or the deer come in and eat it like the rest of our flowers lol
Pink ones
White ones

Multicolor ones

They also had a few roses that were bloomed but not to many.
At this time of the day the sun was starting to set and we were nearly done with the entire indoor part/green house/atrium. So the sun light was coming in at an angle and created the type of lighting and shadowing as the photo below.

I believe that this was another rose of the yellow color. I really liked this photo, it has really nice clean pedals.

Back to the hibiscus flowers. These are very vibrant colors

This had to be my favorite out of all the photos I took that day. This photo went un-altered from when I took it. The sun was at a great angle for this photo and the flower looked like it was recently watered as it still had a few droplets of water on the pedals. It looks really healthy.

This one is pretty cool

That is the final photo I have of flowers and the green lawn that they had. If you get the chance it is a fantastic place to go into. Probably my favorite green house or whatever the word is to call it haha. You will enjoy it during the summer time as well, they have a lily pond right outside that is between the doors that is really awesome to view as well but they are not growing during the winter. They have the place themed like the holiday, so they have the Poinsettia s all over. Well I hope you enjoyed them all. I do have some indoor photos that are not of the flowers and didn't know if I should have posted them or not so I might :)

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