Friday, February 18, 2011

Katsucon 2011, anyone going?

Was going to go for just Saturday (tomorrow) to get some photos, buy some things, enjoy the people and the panels/workshops but I never could find anyone to take my shift tomorrow night at work. bummer.
Looks like the next convention is Otakon 2011!
That will be my 4th Otakon, 2nd Con with the Girl friend and 8th Con total...hmmmm nice

I have been thinking a lot more about school/student activities at VCU and I might try and go to one of the Anime clubs meetings possibly. The GO club kinda died I believe and if their was a photography club I would love to give it a go since I want to learn more about the uses for aperture on the camera and other nifty things to try for photography. Now that the weather is getting better (and if I didn't have to work alllll day) I will be going out and taking ore photos of the city or city like things. That also means I will update from time-to-time the Samshio: Life in Richmond blog that I created back in November/December and stopped working on it because I knew I didn't have the time. In fact I barley posted here during that time period but now I am back as everyone has noticed. Heck I almost post twice a day now lol. By proud of mee!

Well since I didn't go to Katsucon in the National Harbor at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center (looks pretty cool with a 18 story atrium) I put the money to more good uses and you will find out what I got when it comes!!!

I am getting back into the mood of Akira, and collecting certain merchandise from it recently. It is something unique about my otaku collections really because not a lot of people collect anything from it. Even the people at that I hang around post their rooms and no one really has anything Akira related let alone Katsuhiro Otomo related. Big fan of Otomo, big fan. love his work. Metropolis, Memories, Domu: A Child's Dream (manga), Steam Boy (love), Akira (naw dip), The Legend of Mother Sarah (manga, he only wrote the story for this and another illustrated. btw look forward to the blog as I got something related to this), Akira Club (a artwork book that shows collections from making the movie Akira and the publications of it, really fascinating), and also Freedom was a great short series that I can't seem to find the last 2 episodes for! IT is all in Blu-ray and it's hard to play those on my laptop.
Anyway I am a fan and one day I will have to take photos of everything I got.

Did you know that when the comics were brought over here to get translated by Joe Duff and colorized by Steve Oliff, published by Marvel Epic Comics that it was the first comic to be colored by computer Ever? That is a big deal, especially for a comic that wasn't even started here but a translated comic from Japan. The only way to get the colored pages of this manga is by getting the Marvel Epic Comics 1-38, get the Graphitti Designs limited edition hard cover which they only printed 5 out 6 volumes (never finished) or there was the 13 volume paper back editions from Graphitti Designs that ceased at volume 10 and was never finished. So the only way to get the series in all color is the Marvel Epic comic run of 38 volumes.
I feel like I have talked about this before....probably have I should stop haha.

Well it is starting to get to the time that I should role out of the office and off to stocking work. bla. I might stop by the Micheal's near by to see some of their lacquer spray paint if I am going to start spray painting again with the nice weather. I will finish my model that I started with acrylics and I have those paints now. Plus I got a coupon for the store where I can get 40% off an item or 20% off my entire purchase on Sunday so I might go over if they have what I need. Plus I think I might need some frames for my wall... small frames... :) it is a surprise just you wait.

Also I kinda want to paint a few paintings that I might submit to the Otakon Art Show for sale. They will be Ghibli related works or works that come from animation that has inspired me to continue my interest in the otaku world. Plus if I make a few that means it could pay for the Otakon in Baltimore arn't cheap people!

I also recently have been thinking about my career. I really don't know exactly what I want to do for sure. honestly I wouldn't mind having 2 or 3 great jobs that were all part time so I have a mix in my life style and working but the problem with the fact of having all part time jobs, or freelance work or do my own publishing or what not is that there is no benefits with that...Without being a full time employee I miss out on a lot of type of insurance, retirement, 401K (hell if I even get that now and days) and other things that others might get being a full timer. Could rely on my wife to get the great insurance for the family lol.
I am not sure really, I just want to do something where I can go out, make my own schedule, write for someone perhaps as a side job, do some technical jobs for some people, maybe write for a local news source or do some website work for them. Don't get me wrong I want to do something that involves the environment in a way as well. Lots to think about and plus I have plans to leave the country as soon as I graduate and it might have life changing experiences inside me for when I return.

As long as I am happy and make my family happy that is what I strive for. Bliss is everything :)

Well I got to sign out now, I'll post tomorrow probably, I don't know when though haha

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