Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I think I might get Pokemon Black or White

Yeah, I have looked over some videos of it and such and I think I might want to get Black (or White).
I haven't even finished my Soul Silver yet but I like looking at this.

Release date is March 6th
Also release in March is the Nintendo 3DS for $250, that is like $60 more then a Wii now lol

Well that is the most expensive console along with the Wii that Nintendo has had I guess. I bet it will take 2 years before there is even a price drop.

crap just watched some stuff on the 3DS...I kinda want to upgrade now. I still have the large silver original DS from the very 1st week it was out, November 25th 2004....that was over 6 years ago.....

I didn't realize that I got it that long ago. Wow
The DS lite came out June of 2008, DSi ws release it April of 2009, DSi XL was later on in 2009 or early 2010

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