Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I need to step it up in my Zen class

Took a quiz today that I read for and ended up probably getting a 1 out of 10 if he was nice to me.
The old sanskrit words and such I get them confused and I need to do a lot more paying attention in class with the note taking and understanding what he says. Also need to read more in depth to the books that I have to ready. Like re-reading and taking notes on some important events or words that I know I need to know for later use.
I need to read 60 pages by next Wednesday and also write a Haiku for every Monday to turn it.
I guess I need to start to becoming at peace and meditate to get all this stuff haha.

Today is a glorious day out, clear skies with a few clouds, a little windy and the temperature is over 70 degrees F! Just a few days ago it was 30 some. I would so be at home painting this model kit that NEEDS the paint. I have had it since Otakon 2009 so it needs to get done! Also I have prepped another kit that needs painting and about to start another so I just need weather to paint them really!

I am at work now working on some more stuff, hey at least I have work to do here, I am just taking a little time to post! there is no news to post on my hobby blog today which is crazy! Usually there is something but not today, I just got two things on the figure blog and thats it.

I am sore >_> I was at the gym for 2 hrs and 40min last night playing bad mitten and walking a few miles on the track inside the Carry Street Gym. Good stuff, but a game of bad mitten shouldn't make my arm sore....that shows me how much exercise I need to get again. Don't get me wrong, I can walk like a champ but I need to stretch or do a few arm things in the morning for like 5-10 min everyday and that will loosen me out and not cause this haha.

I have been thinking about trying to work on a schedule again. I tell myself this all the time that I will do one so I am not wasting time but I always waste time lol.

I want to, obviously, wake up in the morning make my hobby/figure posts and then stretch, then meditate for like 5-10 minutes with my mini-water fall that my girl friend gave me. Anyways it will relax me. I'll take a shower somewhere in there or at night. It depends, I take showers at anytime of the day, I really do.

At night after my school-work-school day, I will do my home work, read and catch up on my shows while I possibly blog more, photo edit, more homework, model or just anything that I want to do while I watch that show of course.

Or if things go as last night where as soon as class is over I stay at the gym for pretty much 3 hrs with a friend and get behind on things and food! God I was hungry after that! I stopped at Burger King last night, buck double off the dollar menu. Freaking bum! and it was right off the grill because I almost burned my tongue! I never usually get that at fast food, well sometimes with fries but it was hot! Minus the fact that they loaded it with mustard(don't like it) it was great and cheap.

DID I MENTION the WEATHER looks great today! Don't care what some people say about Richmond Virgina sucking, I grew up here and I like it. I get a capital city with out the terrible traffic of a capital city like others haha. Plus it is full of history and there are thins to do, lots to do that is even free, just gotta look! Weather in Virginia is all over but I have gotten use to it. Plus that just might be our day and age since the climate and weather is all over the place across the planet (thanks CO2 emissions). Also, I don't live in the city which has it pluses too, but soon in the future there is a possibility that I might live down there, all depends next year.

Today at the work meeting, we got Olive Garden, so awesome. They are great here, I might not like the work or want a career in what they do, but the people here are nice and that is what counts. The office manager who was hired on after I was here is pretty cool too, she does a lot for the office and I give her props!

Man, I wrote more then in my year anniversary post yesterday lol, there probably is more that I could write but I seriously need to finish this thing that I start since I have to leave in 15 for my geology class back in the city haha. You know I put on average 40 + miles a day on my car on the week day? Crazy right? I fill my tank up once a week because I go 280 miles from Wednesday to next Wednesday, that's like going to Baltimore and back lol
Car will die soon, just a matter of time.

Alright peace everyone, will get back to you guys tomorrow I hope!

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