Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday The Legend of Zelda! 25th anneversary!

So today marks the day 25 years ago when The Legend of Zelda had it's first video game ever released!
The case

The golden cartridge you get when the game, well 25 years ago of course.

If anyone didn't know, by far favorite video game series every for me.
I never did get to play the game that was released 25 years ago today but I have played 5 or so of them. Still favorite with Metroid right behind of course.

Anyways, this is a great day and The Legend of Zelda is of significance in the video game industry from its original roots to now. Ocarina of Time is still revered as one of the top 5 games ever created.
Click this link [HERE] and it shows graphs for multiple magazines and websites of their top 10 rated video games ever and I have to say that Ocarina of Time is in the top 5 for most of them. period.

Anyways, great day. I almost forgot about it, I should make a cake with a master sword on it.

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