Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary + 250th Post

Hey everyone, this is the official 250th post on this blog and also yesterday was the first year anniversary of this blog as well (Same with the hobby blog).
I have used this to post a lot on my life and news and recently I know I haven't treated it as well as I should have in the past month or more.
This past month of January I posted 12 times, the last time I posted less then that was in May (5 posts).
This wasn't a lot compared to November's 50 and December's 49 posts. The views have even gone down 370 for the January month and December had 690. Though the most popular post that I have posted did bring in a lot of views for the month of November and December and that was my Nekocon 2010 Photos because my blog was the first thing that toped the list on the Google search for "Nekocon 2010 photos", still is lol look here
Any ways last month brought views in that I get in 2 days on the hobby blog and I want to change this a little more.
I want to post more and I know it took a while to get the City lights up on here and even the Open Air Fountain at Longwood up took a while to. I am having computer trouble with this and it will take long but once the problem is fixed I hope I can get the rest up!
I also want to get more involved and use my camera more! Take more photos and do what I did a few months back where I would post a photo of something random that is significant in my life and chat about it!
I also want to express more about my hobbies and how I cope with them in my daily routine and life! That hobby blog of mine (and now figure blog) is part of my everyday routine, I post on it as soon as I wake up with new news and new photos for anyone to see.
I also want to maintain this blog more so if the people from those blogs want to click the link to here and want to know more about Mr. Samshio then they can!
I follow a lot of bloggers about my hobbies but I am also interested in their lives as well like Busterbeam who manages gunplaaddiction.blogspot.com and he just had a life changing event. He lives in Japan but now he is heading back to his home country of Canada now.

I have lots to do this year that is coming up! Finish Junior Year, take some summer class (Physics), work full time at the internship, Otakon and I hope more days trips or weekend trips then that! I hope I make enough to save for my grand schemes for 2012!
My grande bit adventure that I am planning for in 2012 was supposed to be this year but as I never got a passport and it is better to wait till after my senior year since I have no worries of school if I want to stay longer!

Another thing that I have thought of is start another blog one day for my girl friend, just in case we really do move on to the next level and make Ms./Mrs. Samshio or Life WITH Samshio where you get a point of view of my life or our relationship or just my girl friends life on a separate blog. Something I teased to her about before and she said that she liked the idea.
She would post on it more then me since that is what the purpose of it is for. I can see it being more fun for her when we are living together haha. Of course I will only do it if she wants to post. I love blogging and such, I got 3 blogs so yeah I like it, and I don't want her to feel forced to blog because I do. So up to you girl friend when ever you want to!

Well, That is all I have! I promise that I will try to get more involved with this and post more, more, more!!!!

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