Friday, February 11, 2011

All set for the weekend and some fruit for though

So I am all set now for tomorrow and the weekend. Managed to get off work and now I can go visit my lovely darling (girl friend duh)
That is good since I miss her and it's been a while and it is Valentines weekend.
I got another model in the mail yesterday, I would talk about it but people who actually follow here wouldn't know what I was talking about unless you follow along at the Hobby blog and here then you probably do.
Anyways, I was thinking yesterday how I should get back in the habit of taking photos of things I get and reviews for my other 2 blogs. Originally I started my hobby blog talking about stuff that I do with my models and now all I do is post on new releases and new photos of models/mecha related items. Well I do want to change that. I need to get a good back drop for those kind of photos and get nice lighting unlike the yellow bulb that I have had. I want crisp white light or natural light on these things, not yellow.
I will take photos of those rareish things I got a hold of though still.
So I had a weird moment today where I foresaw me losing my was weird but the last time I had that kind of gut feeling it came true.....which I hope it doesn't. There is a difference, usually you think about oh wow what if I had just done that and I could have hurt myself. Yeah well this one was more like wow, why did this come to me like it was going to happen eventually...
Idk, I hope it doesn't happen but you can't dwell on stuff like that because negative thoughts bring about negative energy and causes a reaction. It's true, I think it is at least.
You can always be negative, positivity is what makes bliss and happiness in life and always being negative will never bring about that happiness you always want in your life. There is no need for suffering and you can't always blame others for your suffering as you are the one bring about ill intension and negativity to the plate. Just some fruit-for-thought (man I have been reading to much of the Dhammapada (for my Zen class)).

That was odd of me, but reading and taking this Buddhist class has enlightened me a bit, I wont lie. It also makes me aware of suffering and negativity out there in our world. I don't want to judge the fact that they bring it upon themselves but trying to enjoy the life they have and get in touch with an inner peace they can rid the fact that they are suffering and can bring bliss, happiness and enlightenment into their life.
Of course I can't talk about this stuff like I am full aware of all the teachings as I have only taken 3 weeks of this class but I have became aware of what is out there and what is need for happiness in this life of mine. Something that wont drive me insane :P

Also meditating helps relax a bit and helps your concentration a lot in everyday life. The fact that you are suppose to concentrate on nothing in your mind is extremely difficult to do. When I tried this past Monday, I failed at it but I also learned to broaden my other scenes when my eyes were closed. I heard things that are usually not noticeable, I smelled interesting smells and I used my mind to see what was before me. I have always been good at that and use the 6th scene where you know the place objects have in this world without seeing them.
I recommend even if you can meditate for like 10 minutes a day and you will notice things you usually don't, but also try to concentrate on your mind. Don't play music just in silence to fully grasp what I speak of.

I think I will post a little though like this more often now as I feel like it might help you and myself better understand things. I am not preaching just some ideas I have. Meditation has lots of good reason to do it. You also don't have to be a Buddhist to meditate. Roman Catholic Preachers even practice it as it is a type of discipline as well. Anyone can do it and just to bring a little peace for a few minutes in your everyday life style is really awesome. Especially in a world that moves as fast as we do now. Just slow down and take a look within.
Let me know how it goes.
Also I have enjoyed writing Haiku, makes you look into "the now" or "the present" of what is going on in nature and place it in words one three short lines. It is nice and also gets you outdoors to watch and understand that we are part of nature and what happens out there also happens within us.
Wish everyone a great weekend as I wont probably post for a few days, probably Sunday I will say something, Seya!

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