Sunday, February 6, 2011

All fixed!

Hey everyone!
My laptop is fixed!
Hellz yeah!
lol ops my bad.

So I tried booting from the CD/DVD drive and it didn't work and even tried coping the information to a SD card and tried to boot from that as well but that also didn't work.
The DVD/CD drive got messed up when my laptop fell about a year ago so hasn't been the same since.
Anyways I am considering getting an external CD/DVD drive and plugging it up but my friend who was helping me out with the disc said he would come over.
He offered that he put his DVD/CD drive into mine but the screw in there also doesn't hold it in tight so I told him that it wouldn't work right anyways.

So we took out our Hard drives and swapped the laptops on them so I used his laptop/drives with my hard drive inside it and I booted Windows 7 Premium onto it an cleaned up the drive.

Swapped the hard drives back to rightful owners and boom!

I am all set. Running Windows 7 like a pro and since I lost Office 2007 I now have Office 2010.
Went from a trashed Windows machine with Ubuntu on the side to a fully loaded upgraded Windows Machine....nice

Now back on track and getting all set up and placing my files on it from the external's (drives) and finishing up some homework.
I hope this gets me on track with trying to get those photos up and out for everyone! Working hard!
Oh yeah, this weekend besides trying for ever with this laptop, I have been writing Haiku. Actually quite a bit, I think I produced like 10 or something maybe. I only have to turn in 1 tomorrow for my Zen class so I have back ups for the next week. They are quite nice to write though, I went outside and walked in th woods for a bit since it was so nice.
Helped me relax and soak up some of nature and just pulled out a small notepad and pen (three actually the 1st 2 ran out of ink >_>) and the writing flowed out of my fingertips much like the water falling from the stream out back. I can't wait for better weather because I really enjoyed it.
So I need to get back on track with trying to meditate. Last I tried my mind wandered and that is not what is supposed to happen, yeah. So I shall try again!
I went to church this morning, it was nice and actually quite a few people came for the service! It also happened to be communion.
I caught up with some people I know as well and everyone is doing great.

All in all it was a nice relaxing weekend (besides the stressing over fixing the computer)
I can't wait for wen the weather gets better as I have much painting that I need to get done for my models.

Oh wow, I am missing the Super Bowl, honestly I haven't watched any of it lol, I just turned it on to write this and realized that I missed even the half time. I did see the Super 8 trailer from J.J. Abrams. Wanna see that, I will look for the trailer that was on and post it after this guys.

Adios, have a good night and enjoy the game. Looks like the Steelers just made a touch down making the game Pittsburgh 17, Green Bay Packers 21.
Oh, and Pirates of Caribbean trailer but I think I posted that on here earlier this week!
Ok going now, seya!

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