Friday, February 25, 2011

Akira Vol 1-6 Dark Horse

So the second Akira related "stuff" I got but not the "biggest" was the Dark Horse collection of the six volumes of Akira.
So After Marvel Epic comics was done producing the 38 volumes of Akira in color, and the limited Trade Paper back and hard cover editions that never got finished, Dark Horse comics picked up the Akira title to produce it in six volumes.
This was back in 2000 I believe and they only printed the first few pages in color (as seen below). Also I think it was translated slightly different then Marvel did as well.
Anyways, I have been trying to get all these volumes for a while and they happened to hit auction for the whole collection for a really good price. Plus they are first editions. Yes they are out of print but you can get the newer ones that are being produced by Kodansha Comics, Volume 5 is being released in March.
Anyways, these comics were released at $25-28 a book.

The first volume has a tear on the cover at the top left, grrr
I now have 2 of volume 2, but I have one 1st edition and another later edition lol
I think the turning point of the film is in here (climax)
I have a small trading figure of this exact pose of Akira on this cover
I have 2 of these as well. Well technically I just sold my extra on eBay but...he hasn't paid yet >_>
This one is always the hardest to get a hold of. I am GLAD I have gotten the final chapter of this awesome story. Although I know the ending and I have the ending in my Marvel Epic comics....oh well
So...everyone must know I am a fan of Akira and that I am probably a loser for collecting these, but hey. I like it so whatever.

Guess how much i spent with shipping for this books and the Blu-ray. Just guess.

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