Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Akira Blu-ray

So recently I said I had gotten some things from something that I really love and this is the first part of that group of things.
Yes I got the Blu-ray version of Akira. I recently acquired a Blu-ray player and had yet to have a Blu-ray movie to use it for until now. The movie looks a little better and some up-scale from the original 1988 version. The audio is suppose to be really good except I do not have a nice surround sound system.

Anyways, it has some extras, some languages and also has scenes and notes I believe. Also the United States version I think has a few extra minutes added to it.

So, I wish I had preorder it when it was starting to get release in Feb. 2010
It came with a bunch of extras and special bonus booklet inside of it [click here to see what I mean]. This disc had online this insert that said the hole "notice" thing about the logistics of its look and sound. Hey, I still have the Special Edition DVD 2-disc case with all the good stuff to re-watch.

Anyways, here is a link to Amazon for $30.99....with free shipping for Prime orders.
Yeah, I got it new but not for that much, like half that...
Anyways, if you love this film and don't have the DVD of it and have a Blu-ray player then pick this up. Look around and you might be able to get it a lot less then $30.

Below is the Blu-ray trailer for the Akira release by Bandai Entertainment.

P.S. This is my 300th Post WOOT!!!

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